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Old March 18th, 2006 #1
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Default Nascar Officially Polluted By Niggers

It's now official....NASCAR which was the only remaining sport in America that did not have any niggers in it, is now polluted.

Bill Lester of the Craftsman Truck series has now entered as a NASCAR driver, and has qualified for the NASCAR Golden Corral 500. He becomes the first African American in over 20 years to be an official NASCAR driver.

Click below to see story

Is not bad enough that we don't have anything else in America, but now we lost NASCAR too. Fucking apes need to get back on the boat and go back to fucking Africa where they belong.

Fucking niggers got their hands into everything and anything.
Old March 19th, 2006 #2
Action Alert
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Action Alert

Not a surprise. Nascar is the Affirmative Action of auto racing. NONE of these guys could even handle an F1 car and few can handle an Indy car. We had one nigger in the Indy 500 and he did poorly. I don't think there has EVER been a nigger in F1. I see niggers driving taxi cabs all over. Whats the difference between that and Nascar?
Old March 19th, 2006 #3
Harry Flash
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Harry Flash

Well, we all know who the sponsors will be, don't we...

Old March 19th, 2006 #4
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In every sport that is targeted for coon inclusion, the rules are changed first. I'd call attention to all the recent rule changes. Some of which allow manipulation of the finishing order, some to guarantee toyota a good showing for their investment. Try to spot a Confederate flag at a nascar event. Once a staple, no longer tolerated.
Stop buying the garbage that makes them money. They plan on this crap making them even more money, it would be tragic if they lost that gamble, wouldn't it?
Next up- hockey. Know any half-breed eskimo/niggers? Plenty of darks in canuckistan...
KILL YOUR TV! Or at least stop taking it more seriously than a goldfish.
Old March 19th, 2006 #5
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Hopefully white racists will boycott. Too bad they won't becauase Nascar fans are fucking m0r0ns.
Old March 19th, 2006 #6
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Many WN think that NASCAR is something sacred that amounts to a bastion of whites enjoying the last remaining racially pure refuge left in a multicultural wasteland. In truth, it is an excuse to drink beer. Nothing more.

Next to ice, the hottest seller is, not surprisingly, beer. Thompson estimates he'll sell about 5,000 cases before the weekend ends, some 3,000 will be Bud Light. As fast as the distributors roll cases off semi-trucks and onto the store floor, they're swooped up and taken away.

Caption to above pic:

Workers scurry to unload beer from delivery trucks to meet the demand of NASCAR fans who are headed for Bristol this week.

Kingston, NY? Where's that? Bristol, TN here I come!!!!!!!

Old March 22nd, 2006 #7
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Why do nigs have to go everywhere whites go? As for NASCAR, I don't
get it. Drinking massive amounts of beer and watching cars go around a track.


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