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How White Guilt Is Killing Us WotW looks at the reality of race relations in the West and how white guilt is undermining our instinct to survive. 5/5/18.
2 0/5 0
Senate Candidate Patrick Little Interview With Telemundo At Pier 14
Vote Patrick Little June 5th! -
53 0/5 0
Jews happily brag about being at the center of the muslim invasion of Europe "Did you know it’s illegal for a Jew and non Jew marry in Israel? Where is the leftist outrage!? wheres the media coverage?"
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22 728
Executive Summary
Hate what America's become? Don't get angry at the symptoms. Identify the disease. Welcome to Jews 101.
931 4,402
Check in here for our contacts and our case... Welcome to VNNForum!
15 88
Knoxville, Tennessee, is where it took place. We remember you, as we do all white victims of hush crimes.
253 4,223
News & Discussion
The latest from our 'net-spanning Newsbot and readers...
71,634 528,405
Is it good for Whites? From the ephemeral to the evergreen...
42,605 462,835
Where it all began. Learn the truth it's against the law to publish in most European lands.
41,425 243,765
Everything you need to understand crime generally and interracial crime specifically. Stats, news articles, photographs, studies and more...
792 9,596
A massive, growing archive of unique audiobooks and other material (book and magazine article pdfs) to prove good white men and women and children with an excellent, free liberal-arts education - perfect for homeschooling a growing white family...
72 1,306
Tracking parties and movements worldwide: Golden Dawn (Greece), Front National (France), Jobbik (Hungary), Forza Nuova (Italy) and more.
99 8,500
The stuff they keep from you in those sixteen years of attitude adjustment.
3,581 21,275
Thought and consequences.
3,808 21,465
Bones + logic beats Boasian lies.
Sub-Forums: Race, Genealogy, Animals
1,443 11,076
Everything related to finance, speculation, gold, inflation, employment, currencies, and companies.
1,026 6,697
ISO 21st-century Edison.
1,870 7,113
Judge and be judged.
540 8,106
Loxist Culture
On the anti-world produced by a "tiny and wildly unrepresentative" crew.
949 6,792
White dominate sports. Of course, you don't know that if you watch ESPN, the jewish hate channel dedicated to driving white athletes into the chess club, and white coaches into retirement.
1,002 6,089
Framing whites...
1,810 12,254
Is rock inherently masturbatory? Is all music inherently barbarian?
1,441 17,991
The live ones. Not found in "public" mausoleums.
961 5,735
Christian, Arab, other non-White Nationalist attempts to build media structures outside the jew-controlled Propasphere.
788 3,492
"Corporations," "liberals" -- or jews?
4 Hours Ago Go to last post
382 2,107
Our Culture
Original works + ideas others can execute.
648 3,680
"The Aryan Alternative" and other newspapers.
April 15th, 2017 Go to last post
119 3,821
Radio without the chortle.
464 7,145
Our ancestors, our family history
7 105
White without winks.
June 12th, 2017 Go to last post
54 692
To Do
221 1,634
Buy-sell-trade and more.
October 16th, 2017 Go to last post
118 750
Meet like minds in your area.
115 892
143 785
The Struggle
110 1,400
Use the right terms - or lose before you start.
March 2nd, 2018 Go to last post
86 690
Analysis of the use of physical force to alter political arrangements.
by aryanh8
April 1st, 2018 Go to last post
60 517
The Political Solution: A Nation Befitting White Men
After the victory: how Whites live with Whites
5 Days Ago Go to last post
11 122
We track & evaluate the (((leftist))) propaganda masquerading as academic discipline - but also look at just what whites & white culture truly are. Everything that defines 'the white man' and makes his type and culture unique we consider here...
September 15th, 2017 Go to last post
32 331
The Personal Solution: Living White
You don't have to be a mass-consumerist slob bleating "it's all good." Check in here for the better options.
176 2,728
5 34
666 12,987
Kill your tv and teach your kids at home.
316 1,887
Business ideas & ways to accumulate wealth.
193 1,607
Discussion includes vaccinations, dentistry, diet, workouts and more.
478 1,516
Tips on growing your own food supply, recipes, and what to eat or avoid.
544 5,561
December 14th, 2017 Go to last post
51 507
Getting the most out of computers and other tools.
by Bolg
September 2nd, 2017 Go to last post
225 1,376
Weights, guns, knives, martial arts and more.
by Stan
March 20th, 2018 Go to last post
581 6,010
A forum to discuss resettlement and construction of local communities for Whites.
Sub-Forums: Community Safety
122 1,095
Whites say "Nuts!" to the chutzpathic.
Sub-Forums: Opposition, Duels
8,428 193,502
Sub-Forums: Suggestions
976 9,566

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