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Alex Linder October 20th, 2005 04:24 PM

TAA#4 content: ideas, graphics, etc.
TAA#4 will stick a firecracker up the butt of MLK and blast that monkey to the moon. The issue will focus on anything and everything related to civil rights.

TOL will be working with me more closely on the graphics. The covers, as always, must be simple and provocative. They must look good on tv. If you have a money shot of Monkey Luther King, post it here.

Some of the better writers might consider doing some shorts. Articles don't have to be long, in fact, shorter is better? Hadding? Jerry Abbott? NB Forrest? Douglas Wright?

Antiochus Epiphanes October 20th, 2005 04:32 PM

What's the submission deadline? I think we need a submission deadline and a publication deadline. Put everybody on a task and time focused schedule. That would be my suggestion.

MLK day is Jan 16. That is what, three months from now? Can we tighten it up to get it printed by then? That would be worth something working for.

Todd in FL October 20th, 2005 05:21 PM

I think this graphic is great and sums it up pretty well.

Don't forget Feb is black hissry munt. We should really talk about that issue cuz all whites are sick of it. We should mention all the black scientist and all of their contributions to western civilization... not to mention the idea that the black race was invented by a rogue scientist before the time of christ... LOL!!! Other than mentioning that MLK was a complete commie we should mention that he cared nothing about blacks since he was a race mixer and did whatever his jewish accomplices wanted him to do.

Alex Linder October 20th, 2005 05:43 PM

Not bad. Might be a better third photo, but the signifying monkeys are top drawer.

Alex Linder October 20th, 2005 05:45 PM

Deadline December 15th.

White Dragon October 20th, 2005 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by Todd in FL
I think this graphic is great and sums it up pretty well.

Don't forget Feb is black hissry munt. We should really talk about that issue cuz all whites are sick of it. We should mention all the black scientist and all of their contributions to western civilization... not to mention the idea that the black race was invented by a rogue scientist before the time of christ... LOL!!! Other than mentioning that MLK was a complete commie we should mention that he cared nothing about blacks since he was a race mixer and did whatever his jewish accomplices wanted him to do.

ROTFLMAO -- that is SO funny Todd !!!!

Anchorage Activist October 20th, 2005 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by Alex Linder
Deadline December 15th.

That's great news for me here in Alaska, because it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for the TAAs to reach me by media mail. I want at least 100 people up here to wake up on MLC day with the truth waiting for them in their driveways. :cheers:

varg October 20th, 2005 11:23 PM

One little suggestion I have is to have a box type glossary of abbreiviations we/you use in TAA newbies to our cause might not know what are.

A couple I saw in #3 that they might need to know:

ZOG = Zionist Occupied Government
WN = White Nationalist
TAA = The Aryan Alternative (well duh its the name of the paper, but still)

Oy Ze Hate October 20th, 2005 11:41 PM

You could do a section on violent anti-white rap lyrics common in rap "music".

Here's the link.

Most people know what rap is but they don't know what the niggers who sing it preach. It sure as hell ain't love and peace.

Include a few menacing orc record covers.

Definitely list nigger crime rates from the DOJ with relevant site posted for reader verification. And nigger disease statistics from the relevant FedGov site. I would forego the Ogrish type shots of deformity.

Steve B October 20th, 2005 11:50 PM


Originally Posted by Alex Linder
They must look good on tv. If you have a money shot of Monkey Luther King, post it here.

Here's my favorite.

White Dragon October 22nd, 2005 01:41 PM

White Woman Date a Black man and die
Alex AIDS and White Woman who date Blacks - Date and Die - could be a good headline ?


During 2000--2003, more than half of new HIV/AIDS diagnoses in 32 states were among blacks, although blacks represented only 13% of the population of those states. In 2003, black men had the highest rate of HIV/AIDS diagnoses of any racial/ethnic population, approximately seven times the rate among white men and twice the rate among black women (1). Black women are also severely impacted by HIV. During 2000--2003, approximately 69% of women who had HIV/AIDS diagnosed were black. In 2003, the rate of HIV/AIDS was 18 times greater among black women than among non-Hispanic white women (1).

.....the downlow effect !


Ron Doggett October 22nd, 2005 02:44 PM


Originally Posted by White Dragon
Alex AIDS and White Woman who date Blacks - Date and Die - could be a good headline ?

.....the downlow effect !


That's a good idea as long as it's done in a health warning way not the wimpy why do White girls want to date jigs and shouldn't way. The health risks and the unattractive products of mixing vs. beautiful white children. Also don't leave out the many other sexually transmitted disease's, blacks also rank tops in those lists as well. Yep the gov't tells eveyone all the dangers of many things but covers-up this one because of there no criticism of blacks rule.
On another thread someone suggested an interview with Prussian Blue, another good idea. Promote their CD in the publication in exchange for the interview.

lawrence dennis October 24th, 2005 04:57 AM

George Lincoln Rockwell's words on blacks reverberate with truth, even today

In the Congressional Record, published by the United States Government Printing Office, Proceedings of the House, 1957, page 8559, you will find the documentation of the Communist plan for using the Negroes to achieve a Communist victory in America. In column one, on page 8559, you will find the following:

"Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his A Racial Program For the Twentieth Century, wrote:
'We must realize that our Party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will instill into the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America into our hands.'"
There you have the Jewish-Communist program in a nutshell - the USE of the backward, childish and savage Negro race to destroy the White Race, which stands between the Jews and their mad goal of world domination from Israel.

To make a mutiny -- which is what Communism is -- you need mobs of raging and savage people. The Jews, comprising only a fraction of one percent of the world's people, are too few to produce their own mobs, and they are too un-fond of physical violence to provide any large amount of their own "muscle."

They need vast numbers of peanut-brained, violent but robot-like "troops."

The Negro race is perfect for the needs of the Jews in fomenting their mutiny. But before the blacks can do the Jews and Marxists any good, they must first be placed in position and conditioned.

In Africa (and in the rural South) the Blacks have neither the means, the spirit nor the tools to be of service to the Jewish schemers. They are so closely akin to unthinking animals, and they are so childishly satisfied and lethargic that there is no hope of making any successful mutiny with them. Voodoo, chicken-stealing, watermelon, razor-waving, dusky-sex, singing and dancing and other primitive pastimes keep the rural and forest Negro sufficiently satisfied (or at least unthinking about his lot) so that it is quite impossible to turn any significant number of such black men into a raging mob with any staying power for a revolution.

To make a revolutionary animal of the Negro, you must first force him into a situation where he loses his normal ability to enjoy his primitive releases and pleasures, teach him to know and enjoy the luxurious pleasures and vices of urban civilization, (such as heroin and White women) teach him that he has a right to those pleasures, force him into competition with White men for those pleasures, and then, when he fails, whisper to him that he is not really failing in that competition, but that "WHITE EXPLOITERS" ARE KEEPING HIM DOWN!

The millions of primitive African blacks brought into our big cities as voting cattle by Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II, and by all liberal leaders since then, are incapable of competing with the White Man. They can't make it in the schools; they can't make it in complex jobs; they can't make it in intellectual competition. The fact that a few mixed bloods can and do make it does not disprove the fact that the mass of Negroes is congenitally incompetent and inferior - any more than the fact that some chimpanzees can be taught to ride bicycles disproves the fact that chimpanzees aren't even as smart as the blacks.

Millions and millions of these primitive misfits and incompetents are forced into urban, crowded living conditions, forced to compete with intelligent White people, forced to give up their natural pleasures in voodoo, uninhibited sex, etc., forced to try to pretend to be what they are not -forced to FAIL, day after day, week after week, month after month - finally get so frustrated and desperate that they are ready for any kind of violence and horror, since nothing could be much worse than the agonizing frustration they face every moment of their miserable lives.

When the Jews and liberals keep harping at them they are "equal," that they have endless "rights," and that they have no real duties to go with those rights - then this half-animal population of Africans trying to "make it" as White Men, goes literally crazy.

It starts in the schools.

The little black kid is taught in the most aggressive way that he is every bit the equal of the White kids.

But the fact is that he averages 60%-75% of the IQ of the average White kids. [1] In the field of abstract thinking, cold reasoning, the Negro tests even lower.

As a result, the black kid can't keep up. His schoolwork is terrible. The constant comparison with the work of the White kids frustrates, angers and upsets him all the more. In his own, colored school, this problem does not arise. But forced into competition with the Whites, the Negro starts failing - and suffering from the consequent humiliation -even in school.

This is the cause of the Negro "drop-out" problem - not deprivation or poverty. Literally millions of White kids are poor and oppressed, and fight their way to an education. But the little Negro, understandably, doesn't have much ambition to continue in a contest he can see from the beginning he can't win.

So he "drops out" - or is put in a special "track" in the schools, set up by the liberals to cover up the fact of Negro backwardness.

In either case, it isn't long before he enters the competition for a good job. Naturally stupid, uneducated, and naturally inept at the requirements of modern technology, the black youth finds himself on the street and idle.

Told that he has a right to all the things he sees the White man earning - fancy women, Cadillacs, fast living, etc. -the black boy becomes filled with such a burning envy and hatred it is hard for most people to even imagine. He turns to the only way left for him to GET what he is told he deserves, - violence. He becomes a criminal. He goes out and robs, burns, rapes, loots and finally kills; he is the classic "rioter."

The U.S. Department of Justice and Labor have both published statistics on the Negro, which show that the Black 10% of our population commits move than 85% of the violent crimes against people, and by far the most crimes against property. (F.B.I. Uniform Crime Reports, 1966)

The jails are filled and bursting with these frustrated, violent black animals, not because we are unjust, but because Negroes can't compete economically with White Men - and crime is the only way most of them can get what they are told they deserve."

The U. S. Department of Labor has published a pamphlet called "The Negro Family." It is violently PRO-Negro, and full of excuses for these miserable people. Certainly it cannot be called a "bigoted" work. Yet here is what this booklet says on page 40 about Negro ability to compete with Whites:
"The ultimate mark of inadequate preparation for life is the failure rate on the Armed Forces mental lest. The Armed Forces Qualification Test is not quite a mental test, nor yet an education test. It is a test of ability to perform at an acceptable level of competence. It roughly measures ability that ought to be found in an average 7th or 8th grade student. A grown young man who cannot pass this test is in trouble.

Fifty-six percent of Negroes fail it.

This is a rate almost four times that of the whites."
Notice the last sentence in the first paragraph that men who fail this test are "in trouble." And that is the keynote of life for the young Negro, "TROUBLE."

He is constantly causing and IN trouble both as an individual and as a group. Whenever the situation is ripe, hundreds and thousands of them act in their animal - like, anti-social manner and "riot." They loot, shoot, burn, kill and beat - almost without any sense at all - just out of animal frustration and hatred of a system which keeps telling them they are "equal," while their own dim brains constantly show them they are not only NOT equal, but they are so far below the White Man that only by violence can they achieve anything at all.

This situation is guaranteed to make bloody revolutionaries out of millions of Negroes, especially young males.

They have almost nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

This Black army of the damned is precisely the right material for revolution. All that is needed to spark these millions of black human bombs into explosive and bloody violence on a mass scale is agitation and organization.

So, long before 1900, they were already plotting and scheming how to agitate the Negroes into massive and bloody rebellion against the Whites and against the government of the United States. It wasn't really difficult.

The Negroes have proven themselves, down through the ages, almost animal-like in their adaptation to all forms of manipulations and slavery.

It should be remembered that most of the Negroes here in America did not get here because they were captured in Africa. No. The Arabs obtained the great majority of slaves by purchase. Their own folks sold them to the Arabs, usually for beads, salt, trinkets, etc. (And, in some cases, I think the Arabs got little for their good beads.)

The kind of people who would sell their own children into slavery tells much of the nature of these black men who now swarm in our streets demanding equality.

But even more revealing is the fact that the early settlers in America were no fools when it came to obtaining slaves. Why do you think they went all the way over to Africa to get slaves, when the woods were full of Indians?

The fact is that they tried the cheaper experiment of enslaving the Indians (instead of just killing them as they finally did).

But it didn't work. The Indians could not be enslaved. Think about it a moment, and you will understand something of the nature of the Negro.

Would you allow yourself to be a slave - if you had all sorts of opportunity to escape from the fields, plantation, cabins, etc.? Would you let somebody peddle your kids and otherwise permit what the Negro slaves permitted?

You know the answer is a resounding, fighting "NO!".

Neither would the Indians. They could be chained and beaten and held. But they were far too spirited and proud to meekly follow a master around like a dog, the way millions of Negroes were taught to do. At the first opportunity, in spite of risk, the Indian would attack, or at the very least, escape.

White men, Chinese and Indians cannot be enslaved (except in rare cases - never as a whole race).

But the Negroes do not have the get-up-and-go to resist or even to think about it. Take care of their animal needs, give them sex satisfaction to their heart's content and the opportunity to dance in the sun, sport like an ape in a clearing, sing and beat some kind of bongo or drum around a fire - and the pure African Negro soon settles down like a dog in a new home, provided you take care to let the Negro (like the dog) know who's boss.

But just as you can take a friendly, docile dog and train him to be a vicious killer, so you can quite easily take a docile, mindless Negro and turn him into one of the most fearful murderers in all history, as is happening, especially in Africa.

You make a dog vicious, as Army manuals teach, by "agitating" him.

That's precisely how you make a Negro vicious - by agitating him!

And, in accordance with the plan of Israel Cohen, set forth in 1912, and printed in the Congressional Record in 1957 (supra), the Jews and Communist have been systematically agitating the Negro race in America for the past seventy years.

Along with the agitation, they have been breeding him, like dogs in kennels, as fast as possible - which is pretty fast. (The Negro has never been one to resist breeding as often as he could find the opportunity.)

Add to this the Federal financial subsidization of the already powerful Negro urge to procreate, and you get a biological explosion. Negro women can actually make a living producing what can be technically and properly termed "little black bastards." (They are little, they are black, and they are in the strictest sense of the word, bastards)

There are already millions of these illegitimate Blacks, whom nobody really wants once they have been presented, to get a bigger welfare check, and who are allowed to run absolutely wild in the streets.

These wild, black teenagers are the very guts of the riots in our big cities. And there are millions more on the way. They are very real savages, in the most bloodcurdling sense of the term, even though they live in an asphalt jungle instead of trees. They live a life of maximum violence and a total lack of any "ethics" at all. They fear almost nothing and respect ABSOLUTELY nothing. The only possible way to deal with them, as with any dangerous savage, is to command their respect with overwhelming FORCE.

But this is precisely what our fat-head government, manipulated by the Jews, will not use - force. Instead, we keep trying to buy off these wild animals in our streets with money, "poverty wars," art exhibits, free tickets, welfare, and endless pampering. Worst of all, we keep giving them our women - foolish, if well-meaning, girls, whose maternal instincts have been perverted from loving and nurturing their own kind to loving and nurturing these little black vipers in their nests, because (they believe) the Blacks are "helpless" and "persecuted" and "misunderstood," etc. Sooner or later these women get a rude awakening when the black viper shows its fangs. But until that time, talking to these fanatic women is like trying to talk a queer out of his perversion.

The result of all this is a swarming army of BLACK MUTINEERS in our midst

They are rapidly getting trained and armed for terrorism, right before our eyes, and with maximum arrogance. The "Black Panthers," the "Deacons for Defense," and a dozen other black Mau Mau groups are formed and training with guns, Molotov cocktails and grenades even as I write this. The Panthers recently had the gall to march into the California legislature in uniform heavily armed with automatic weapons. Nobody did anything.

Meanwhile, the Jews are howling to disarm the Whites and the law-abiding people! They want "gun control" laws although it is obvious that this won't do a bid of good with criminals and revolutionaries, who have illegal guns.

How obvious can it GET?

What the Jews have done over the past fifty or sixty years is first to promote vast migrations to the cities of the black bodies they need as voting blocs to keep the likes of Franklin D. Roosevelt in power.

Then they started working to breed these Blacks on scale never before seen in human affairs - with what they call Welfare.

Finally, they have agitated these Blacks ceaselessly with "rights" lies, filling their dim African brains with the wildest dreams of Cadillacs, White women, cash, luxury and ease - all things the Black masses can never earn in this society, simply because they don't have the native ability.

The Jews have made it almost a crime even to think this fact, however, so that everything these benighted black people hear convinces millions of jungle-minded Blacks that they have practically built America with their sweat while we White people have driven them with whips and lain around on silk-pillows enjoying their hard-earned wealth.

The fact that our people realized, organized and created all the natural wealth (the same wealth they ignored in Africa for millions of years) escapes them.

Horses, too, sweated to create American wealth. But horses cannot claim credit for that wealth. This fact is taken as an insult by these arrogant chimpanzees posing as "civil rights" leaders, whenever I mention it in college speeches.

That's exactly what's going on with the child-like race of Blacks in America. Devilish Jewish, Marxist and liberal agitators, sensing the ideal mutineers for their army for the overthrow of civilization, have moved the Blacks into the most dangerous possible positions in the middle of our technological civilization, bred them into a swarming, exploding mass, and then agitated them beyond all endurance.

The result will not be long in coming - in fact, is already here, with sporadic riots which will soon spread, and then merge into one nightmare of terror, bloodshed and jungle madness. But it is not only a local, American problem. This explosion of the inferior, fostered by and led by the Marxists and the Jews with their liberal toadies, is a growing worldwide problem, which cannot remain unsolved much longer.

The Jews have crushed the truth about human breeds and convinced much of the White world that the developed (White) nations "owe" endless aid to the "undeveloped" (Black) nations.

This utterly insane lie, spread all over the earth, has produced a devil's "miracle" - it has sent doctors, medical care, schools, money, machines and technology to the most animalistic populations of backward Africa, to India and to every place where inferior humanity has previously been limited in its numbers by its own stupidity and ignorance since the beginning of time. But, since colored people are all supposed to be "equals," the equalist fanatics have followed through in the attempt to make them equal, by pulling them up with modern medicine and science. This has taken all limits off the breeding of these people.

The result is a world plague - A BLACK PLAGUE...

[1] "THE INTELLIGENCE OF PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILDREN," GARRETT, H. E., Chairman, Psychology, Columbia University.


Alex Linder October 24th, 2005 04:07 PM

Appearing in TAA#4 (now under construction)...

Why “They” Promote Homosexuality in Public Schools...and Everywhere Else

- stats on queer kids vs peers
- explanation of the Frankfurt goy inducement to promiscuity/homosexuality; how this results in "gay safe zones" and "gay-straight" alliances
- understanding the basis of 'fagitprop' (see other thread based on Kupelian article)

If you come across any good stats, text or grahpics, post them here.

lawrence dennis October 24th, 2005 05:37 PM

The premier web source for accurate info on homosexuality

Originally Posted by Alex Linder
Appearing in TAA#4 (now under construction)...

Why “They” Promote Homosexuality in Public Schools...and Everywhere Else

- stats on queer kids vs peers
- explanation of the Frankfurt goy inducement to promiscuity/homosexuality; how this results in "gay safe zones" and "gay-straight" alliances
- understanding the basis of 'fagitprop' (see other thread based on Kupelian article)

If you come across any good stats, text or grahpics, post them here.

Here is an excellent website, almost a one-stop fact shop, on the true nature of homosexuals:

To navigate the site, click on the major topic headings in the left-hand column (which brings up an introduction), then click on the subtopic headings in the right-column for more detailed info. So if you click on 'Psychiatry' in the left-hand column and then click on 'Quick Review' in the right-hand column, it brings up this:


Notice that in these large studies, the actual percentage identified as homosexuals is in the 1% to 3% range, far less than the homosexual lobby claims.

Quick Review: Consider some recent studies evaluating the mental health of homosexuals and bisexuals below.

Summary: During the 1960s and early 1970s, homosexuals and homophiles argued that homosexuals were as mentally healthy as heterosexuals. However, confronted by considerable evidence from the late 1990s onward that homosexuals and bisexuals are at least two- to three-fold more likely to manifest mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and substance use disorders compared to heterosexuals, homosexuals and homophiles have promptly started blaming stigma, prejudice, and victimization for elevated psychiatric morbidity among nonheterosexuals. Preliminary considerations suggest that elevated psychiatric morbidity among nonheterosexuals is not readily explicable in terms of stigma, prejudice, and victimization.

Paper: During the 1960s and early 1970s, when homosexuals and homophiles were attempting to persuade psychiatrists that homosexuality is not a mental illness, they portrayed homosexuals as mentally on par with heterosexuals. Nowadays, they blame so-called homophobia for heightened psychiatric problems among homosexuals. What happened? Let us address some recent studies evaluating the mental health of homosexuals and bisexuals:

  • In a sample of 103 male twin pairs discordant for reporting adult same-sex partners since age 18 years, compared to their heterosexual co-twins, homosexual men were more likely to think about death,[1] want to die, [2] think of suicide, attempt suicide, or exhibit any of these conditions. ( 1), [3] Controlling for substance abuse and depressive symptoms other than suicidality, all of the suicidality measures remained significantly associated with homosexual orientation except for wanting to die. (1), [4] The co-twin study design overcomes the shortcomings of previous suicidality studies that either used convenience samples, most without controls, or population-based samples that did not measure confounding factors such as depression and substance abuse. (1) The mean birth year in this sample was 1949, and the interviews were conducted in the 1990s. A comparison with probability-based samples of male homosexuals with a mean birth year (interview year) of 1935 (1960s), around 1970 (early 1990s), and 1972 (1990s) shows that the later born cohorts do not show any reduction in suicidality risk. (1) Although the prevalence of suicide attempts among male homosexuals and bisexuals has remained constant across birth cohorts, the mean age at initial attempts has declined. (2)
  • Fergusson et al. reported a 21-year longitudinal study of a birth cohort of 1,265 individuals in Christchurch, New Zealand. (3) Among 1,007 individuals, 2.8% were homosexual or bisexual as assessed by orientation and relationships after age 16 years. Compared to heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals were more likely to experience depression,[5] generalized anxiety disorder, [6] conduct disorder, [7] nicotine dependence, [8] other substance abuse and/or dependence, [9] multiple disorders, [10] suicidal ideation, [11] and suicide attempts. ( 3) , [12] The most elevated risk was for suicidal behavior and multiple disorders. Homosexuals and bisexuals had similar social, family, and childhood backgrounds as the controls, but tended to have experienced a higher rate of parental change during childhood and were slightly more likely to have criminally offending parents. Controlling for increased parental change and parental criminal offending left either similar associations or slightly higher ones than the unadjusted estimates. (3) See here for follow-up analysis of this cohort.
  • In a Dutch study, NEMESIS, (4, 5) representative of the Dutch population, 2.8% of 2,878 men and 1.4% of 3,120 women reported same-sex partners in the previous year (classified as homosexual). Compared to heterosexual men, homosexual men had a higher 12-month prevalence of mood disorders[13] and anxiety disorders [14] Compared to heterosexual women, homosexual women had a higher 12-month prevalence of substance use disorders. [15] More homosexual than heterosexual women had a lifetime prevalence of mood disorders. [16] More homosexual than heterosexual women had 1 or more lifetime psychiatric diagnoses. [17] More homosexuals than heterosexuals had 2 or more disorders during their lifetime. [18] The authors of the study asked all respondents about their HIV infection status; only one woman reported being HIV-positive, i.e., differences in HIV infection prevalence do not explain the psychiatric differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals in this study. (4)
  • In the 1996 U.S. National Household Survey of Drug Abuse (NHSDA), [19] men who reported same-sex partners in the year prior to the interview reported a higher 1-year prevalence of mood disorders (major depression and panic attack syndromes),[20] and manifested a non-significant tendency toward a higher 1-year prevalence of generalized anxiety disorder, alcohol dependence, and drug dependence compared to men who reported opposite-sex partners in the year prior to the interview. (6) Women who reported same-sex partners in the year prior to the interview reported a higher 1-year prevalence of alcohol dependence[21] and drug dependence, [22] and manifested a non-significant tendency toward a higher 1-year prevalence of major depression and generalized anxiety disorder compared to women who reported opposite-sex partners in the year prior to the interview. (6)
  • In the U.S. National Comorbidity Survey, a nationally representative household survey, [23] men who reported same-sex partners in the past 5 years manifested a non-significant trend toward elevated 1-year and lifetime prevalence of mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders compared to men who reported opposite-sex partners in the past 5 years. (7) Women who reported same-sex partners in the past 5 years manifested elevated 1-year and lifetime prevalence of mood, [24] anxiety, [25] and substance use disorders compared to women who reported opposite-sex partners in the past 5 years. (7), [26]
  • The MacArthur Foundation National Survey of Midlife Development in the United States (MIDUS) examined a representative sample of over 3,000 American adults, ages 25-74 years. (8) This group had 2,844 self-identified heterosexuals, 41 self-identified homosexuals, and 32 self-identified bisexuals; the homosexuals and bisexuals were combined (HB) for analysis. (8), [27] Controlling for demographic factors, compared to heterosexual men, HB men, in the year before the interview, were more likely to manifest major depression,[28] panic disorder, [29] and multiple mental disorders. [30] HB men also tended to manifest a higher prevalence of generalized anxiety disorder, alcohol dependency, and drug dependency in the previous year; these trends were not significant due to the small sample size. Adjusting for HIV or AIDS prevalence did not alter these results.[31] Controlling for demographic factors, compared to heterosexual women, HB women, in the year before the interview, were more likely to manifest generalized anxiety disorder,[32] and multiple mental disorders. [33] HB women also tended to manifest a higher prevalence of major depression, panic disorder, alcohol dependency, and drug dependency in the previous year; these trends were not significant due to the small sample size. HB men[34] but not HB women reported high levels of current mental distress. In the year before the interview, HB individuals were more likely than heterosexuals to have seen a mental health provider,[35] a general physician for mental/emotional complaints, [36] attended a self-help group, [37] and taken psychiatric medication. [38]
  • An analysis of 11,876 homosexual and bisexual women revealed a higher prevalence of alcohol and tobacco use among them compared to heterosexual women. (12)
  • In a sample of 93,311 women from the Women's Health Initiative cohorts, ages 50-79 years, 0.6% identified as homosexual (half identified as lifetime homosexuals and the rest identified as homosexual after age 45) and 0.8% as bisexual. (13) The homosexual and bisexual women had higher socioeconomic status than the heterosexual women and better access to health care, yet reported higher alcohol use and smoking, poorer mental health (depression[39] ), and other risk factors for reproductive cancers and cardiovascular disease, a pattern similar to that of young homosexual and bisexual women. (13)
  • A study of 1,925 American lesbians in the National Lesbian Health Care Survey [40] revealed that 73% were either in counseling or had received counseling in the past by a professional mental health counselor, [41] over one-third reported depression in lifetime, 11% reported being presently treated for depression, [42] 11% reported an anxiety disorder in lifetime, 7% reported being presently treated for an anxiety disorder, 57% had thought about suicide at some point of their lives, 18% had attempted suicide, 30% smoked daily and an additional 11% smoked occasionally, about a third drank alcohol regularly, about half used marijuana occasionally, 19% had tried cocaine at some point, 1% used cocaine more than once a week and another 2% used cocaine more than once a month, 37% had been physically abused at least once, 41% had been raped or molested at least once, 19% of 1,779 women reported incest during childhood, 52% reported being verbally attacked for being a lesbian, 6% reported being physically attacked for being a lesbian, and 8% reported having lost their jobs for being a lesbian. (14)
  • Drawing upon the subscribers of the Country Lesbian Mailing List and nine lesbian magazines throughout New Zealand, in both rural and urban areas, an examination of 561 women [43] revealed that 80.7% had used a mental health service at some point of their lives, 45.5% had used such a service in the past year, 56.3% reported molestation before age 16, 56.1% reported molestation after age 16, 22.8% reported a mental illness diagnosis,[44] 52.9% reported suicidal ideation, 20.3% reported suicide attempts, and these women, on average, reported greater psychiatric morbidity than New Zealand women in general in spite of being predominantly white, highly educated, urban, and between 25 and 50 years of age. (15)
  • King et al. studied various mental health aspects of 656 homosexual men, 505 heterosexual men, 430 homosexual women, and 588 heterosexual women, recruited by the snowballing method in England and Wales, between the years 2000-2002. (16) More homosexuals than heterosexuals scored above [45] the threshold of the Clinical Interview Schedule. (17), [46] More homosexuals than heterosexuals had consulted a mental health professional. [47] More homosexuals than heterosexuals had used recreational drugs in the past month. [48] More homosexual women than heterosexual women had used recreational drugs ever; [49] this statistic did not differ between homosexual and heterosexual men. More homosexuals than heterosexuals had considered harming themselves.[50] More homosexuals than heterosexuals had attempted to harm themselves. [51] Compared to heterosexual women, homosexual women reported being attacked more often in the past 5 years, [52] being bullied more often at school, [53] and elevated verbal harassment in the past 5 years, [54] but not greater verbal harassment at school or greater property damage in the past 5 years. Compared to heterosexual men, homosexual men reported lower property damage in the past 5 years[55] and reported similar levels of being attacked in the past 5 years, being bullied at school, being verbally harassed in the past 5 years, and being verbally harassed at school. Most interestingly, the increased odds of homosexuals scoring above the threshold of the Clinical Interview Schedule were not affected by controlling for various factors as shown in Table 1. (16) The prevalence of mental disorders is elevated among heterosexuals in this sample, and the authors could not provide a plausible reason for this. There are no reasons to believe that snowballing could have resulted in the homosexual-heterosexual discrepancy, especially since the majority of the participants were recruited without any reference to sexuality. (16)
Table 1: Increased odds of homosexuals scoring above the threshold of the CIS [table not included]

Comment: Some studies above have reported a non-significant tendency for an elevated prevalence of a specific group of mental disorders among male or female nonheterosexuals, whereas others have reported a significant find for the same. This is readily seen as a consequence of inadequate sample size.[56] Indeed, an analysis of the combined data from several of the above studies reveals that both male and female nonheterosexuals manifest elevated mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders compared to heterosexuals.[57] What accounts for elevated psychiatric problems among nonheterosexuals? So-called homophobia? If so, how does one explain similar suicide attempts among male homosexuals across different birth cohorts, i.e., changing social environment? (1) How does one explain the data in Table 1 in terms of prejudice and discrimination? None exceed the Dutch when it comes to tolerance of homosexuality. The Dutch are a remarkably tolerant people: they allow euthanasia, prostitution, marijuana smoking, same-sex marriage, and tolerate pedophiles. Yet, why as evidenced by the NEMESIS study do Dutch homosexuals manifest a mental health picture similar to their American counterparts? (4) The NEMESIS study reported that compared to heterosexual men, male homosexuals were about 7 times more likely to manifest bipolar disorder and 6 times more likely to manifest obsessive-compulsive disorder [58] in their lifetime. (4) Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder where subjects alternate between depression and a manic or euphoric state. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by time consuming obsessions and compulsions that may cause marked distress or significant impairment. Note that both bipolar disorder (27, 28) and OCD (29-34) are strongly influenced by genes.

Although one may speculate that the elevated incidence of mood and anxiety disorders among homosexual women in the studies cited above, such as the National Lesbian Health Care Survey (14) or the study based on the Country Lesbian Mailing List (15) may be a consequence of elevated sexual abuse, it has been shown in a community survey that even if one controls for sexual abuse, the two-fold greater likelihood of women experiencing depression or anxiety disorders compared to men is largely unaltered. (35) In addition, much molestation is familial. In some families, genetics associated with non-specific disturbances may also increase the odds of sexual interest in daughters, young sisters, or nieces among males, and the same genetics can be expected to increase the odds of mental disturbance among the female relatives of such men, irrespective of whether these women are molested. Therefore, the molestation of these women by their male relatives may either exacerbate mental problems or not make any additional contributions to their mental problems, yet appear to be causally related to the mental problems of these women (see Section 9.2 in thebook for related information). Furthermore, in the National Lesbian Health Care Survey, “Only 12 percent of respondents indicated that they were concerned about people knowing that they were lesbian.” (14) Therefore, societal acceptance of female homosexuality appears hardly relevant to explaining the mental problems of this group of homosexual women.

It has not been proven that so-called homophobia causes the mental problems of homosexuals. (36) The authors of the co-twin, (1) longitudinal cohort, (3) and Dutch study (4, 5) cited above refrain from blaming so-called homophobia for increased psychiatric morbidity among homosexuals and bisexuals, and their data show why one cannot readily blame so-called homophobia for the mental health problems of homosexuals.

In the 21-year longitudinal study of a birth cohort of 1,265 individuals reported by Fergusson et al. above, homosexual and bisexual youth manifested elevated generalized anxiety disorder. (3), [59] In this sample, the authors showed that adolescent anxiety disorders correlated with later risks of anxiety disorder, depression, illicit drug dependence, and failure to attend University, after controlling for the confounding effects of socio-familial and individual factors. (37) So-called homophobia is obviously not behind this find.

However, in November 1999, a 12-page pamphlet titled “Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation & Youth: A Primer for Principals, Educators & School Personnel,” was mailed to every school superintendent in the U.S. (download this report here [PDF file]). It was paid for by the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Association of Social Workers, the American Psychological Association, the National Association of School Psychologists, homosexual philanthropist and former Michigan legislator Michael Dively, and also endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Counseling Association, the American Association of School Administrators, the Interfaith Alliance Foundation, and the American School Health Association. (38) It blamed more frequent psychiatric problems experienced by homosexual and bisexual youth upon isolation and harassment in school and few opportunities for observing positive modeling by adults due to the general cultural bias that makes homosexual and bisexual individuals largely invisible. (38) No citation in the pamphlet supported this statement. (38) In the fact-sheet, there was no mention of the co-twin, (1) the longitudinal cohort, (3) and the NEMESIS (5) studies. [footnotes have been deleted]
The often-bizarre sexual practices of homosexuals is discussed here:

The subsection on homosexual slang is here:

A Brief Glossary of Homosexual Terminology

  • AC/DC: bisexual (or a homosexual who hides his lifestyle).
  • ANILINGUS: oral stimulation of the anus .
  • AUNTIE: an aging homosexual.
  • BACK YARD: the buttocks.
  • BANANA: the penis.
  • BASKET SHOPPING: a homosexual observing another man's genitals through clothing.
  • BEAR: a large, hairy male.
  • BOTTOM: a homosexual who likes to be at the bottom during sex.
  • BREEDER: an impolite manner of referring to heterosexuals.
  • BRONCO: a young homosexual male who is difficult to restrain during intercourse.
  • BROWN: to perform anal intercourse.
  • and so on

Useful statistics on physical and mental health differences with respect to homosexual vs. heterosexual youth can be found at:

Homosexuality and Mental Health Issues: Adolescent Male Homosexuals and Bisexuals

lawrence dennis October 25th, 2005 01:19 AM

Deliberate confusion of child with underage homosex partner?
The cover of this book, Daddy's Roommate, is perhaps deliberately confusing. Which one is the 'daddy' and which one is the 'roommate'?

Smaller version of above image:

Quote:, not a great example of gay literature, June 14, 2003

The story presents this different lifestyle in a very matter of fact way, but becomes trite and fails to explain to any depth what being gay is. The story and illustrations are very stereotypical. The illustrations are low quality and simplistic. The story would be useful for young kids with gay parents, but not for introducing this topic to other students. I did like the description of being gay as "just another form of love," but it still doesn't really touch the issue. And what's up with the guys sleeping together, is that necessary?

lawrence dennis October 25th, 2005 01:41 AM

Culture Wars: 'Pedophilia and Sex Education'

"These filmstrips were not designed to be exploitive," insisted the Rev. Roberta Nelson, a Unitarian Universalist minister from Concord, Massachusetts, on Public Eye (10/08/97). "They were not designed to be erotic. They were designed to answer young people's questions." Young people (ages 12 and 13) who did not have questions, or urges, before seeing Rev. Roberta's films were likely to have them afterward, for the material included graphic depictions of gay and lesbian lovemaking, auto-erotic techniques and transvestitism.

As CBS host Bryant Gumbel noted, Rev. Nelson "has been involved with church sex education for some time," for 25 years, in fact. "I've trained teachers, I've taught kids," she said, "and the overwhelming response in our churches has been one of gratitude and appreciation for the open, honest conversation we allow." In the 1990s, intercourse and conversation have regained their explicitly sexual connotation, in the name of educating and protecting children, in public schools and churches alike.

"Sex happens," said one single mother who indicated she supported the "conversation" in principle, though not all the details. When does it happen? "Usually two, three months before they go to high school," commented another soccer mom giving her view of youth sex today. One wonders what is taught, and not taught, in such homes, and how much of the "teaching" is delegated to TV. "We're giving them information so they don't get themselves in trouble," say parents supportive of the sex ed curriculum, seeming to assume that footage of adolescent cross dressing and sodomy will keep them out of trouble. Church leader Eric Van Loon stated, "I think this program has brought tremendous good for a huge number of kids."

Parents were invited to enter their adolescents in the AYS ("About Your Sexuality") program by signing of on a permission slip that blandly stated, "the kids will see contemporary media images." "What would you make of that!" demanded one parent, outraged after the fact, a day late and more than a dollar short. This single mother and psychologist, the quintessential modern person, has become another "liberal who had been mugged by reality." But what of the urges and fears bequeathed to the children? Their lives will become the stuff of daily horror films that rot unseen in the sewer this culture has become.

Although the children who were betrayed by their parents (or parent) into this labyrinth were readily exposed to the materials, concerned parents in Concord found them difficult to review. When they requested to see the texts and films, they repeatedly were rebuffed by the suddenly chaste Unitarians.

"Was there any picture that stuck with you," the interviewer asked one of the kids. "Yeah," she replied, hesitantly, "the man licking his semen."
Lick your own, why not lick someone else's, the message would seem to be. Whatever you do, don't discriminate. Church leader Van Loon said AYS "was the best thing for his son." Where are the child abuse zealots when stories like this break? The Unitarians' Sex Ed program has been used in 300 churches nationally since 1972, and parents have been struggling, futilely, since then to keep it from children. This battle is familiar, and the U-U's materials have their roots in the SIECUS-Planned Parenthood-Kinsey triangle which since 1948 has knocked this country off its moorings.

Part of Kinsey's teaching extolled the normality and frequency of sex between adults and children. Kinsey's researchers, after all, claimed that little children, even two month old infants were capable of mutiple orgasms, although he acknowledged that "children will make violent attempts to avoid climax [sic], although they derive definite pleasure from the situation." If society did not "make so much of [pedophilia]," Kinsey felt, "children would not be harmed." Details of Kinsey's obsessions and methods have been discussed here previously, in comment on a new biography, Kinsey: A Public/Private Life (James Jones, 1997) [reviewed in this issue]. The point here is that his propaganda, as assimilated to the social engineering of the ruling elites, is bearing violent fruits of erotic perversion.

Early in October, three gruesome and similar murders in the Northeast should have set off a national alarm about media-touted homosexual lifestyles, but there is no sign that mainstream media or legal authorities will provide much scrutiny. While children died, Al Gore flew to Hollywood to praise TV producers for Ellen. Early in November, Bill Clinton met with the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest homosexual lobby. Since they are unwilling to note, much less explore the connections between sex ed, "diversity" and sex crimes, here are details that illuminate the issue.

In Waterbury, Connecticut, 13-year-old Stanley Edwards was lured into a neighbor's backyard and bludgeoned to death so the murderer could satisify "an urge." In Jackson Township, New Jersey, Eddie Werner, selling candy door-to-door to raise money for his school, was pulled into a house by a fifteen year old who raped and murdered him. The killer had regularly visited online homosexual "chat rooms," on one of which he'd met a 43 year old man with whom he'd become sexually involved and from whom he apparently learned a message of total, trans-generational permissibility. When his parents sought to break off the relationship, he found a younger victim to harm as he had been found himself.

Also on October 1, in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, ten year old Jeffrey Curley was lured into a car by two young men who promised him $50 and a new bicycle. The criminals, Salvatore Sicari and his homosexual lover, Charles Jaynes, mechanics and petty thieves, had spent months soliciting Jeffrey's trust. Once they had him in the car, Jaynes reportedly tried to force sex on Jeffrey. When the child resisted his 300 pound black assailant, Jaynes sat on and suffocated him with a gasoline-soaked rag. Sicari and Jaynes then drove to New Hampshire where Jaynes abused the boy's body before putting it in a barrel with concrete and dumping it into a river in Southern Maine.

As the details surfaced, media steered coverage to a renewed debate about the death penalty, lengthy descriptions of the search for Jeffrey's body and the grief of his father, Michael. All but invisible was the main issue: the close tie between homosexuality and pedophilia, and the increasingly brazen behavior of homosexuals whose urges for five decades have been publicized and celebrated by the political, educational and economic powers of the state.

Five days after the murder and far from the front pages, toward the end of a long story on the search for the body in the rivers of southern New Hampshire and Maine, it was noted that Jaynes's car had contained pornographic literature from NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association. In a report, October 9, a lesbian apologist termed NAMBLA "a distant and tiny fringe of the gay community." Details were sparse, but there is plenty of information about NAMBLA and related groups in the public record for anyone who cares to look. In itself it may be a fringe, but its affiliations are both national and global, and through them, its influence and effects pervade government and education.

The agenda is horrid enough. The December 1995 issue of NAMBLA's monthly Bulletin carried a letter from one of its members, telling how he begun having sex with an 8-year-old boy for whom he had been babysitting for several years, gradually involving the child in sexual activities of the sort many gays and lesbians seek to legalize, as has Kinsey's Institute for Sex and Gender Research and SIECUS. Kinsey's former colleague, Dr. Wardell Pomeroy, has authored Boys and Sex and Girls and Sex which advocate the normality of incest, bestiality and masturbation.

"You are best advised to keep this behavior to yourself," Pomeroy wrote, "but you can feel secure in your knowledge that you are not a monster." Thanks to several decades of such spurious and seductive assurances, secrecy on such matters is going the way of the horse and carriage, as the globalist agenda for sex more and more resembles criminal insanity.

NAMBLA joins the global village through ILGA, an International Lesbian and Gay Association, which had "observer" status as a non-governmental organization at the UN. In 1993, when Congress drafted a bill to eliminate UN funding because of various pedophiliac scandals (among them, at UNESCO, which addresses its attention to children), the world body banned ILGA. In an attempt to restore its status, ILGA planned to purge NAMBLA but its affiliated groups rebelled, forming the International Organization for the Liberation of Homosexuality (IOLH),
"open to all homosexual sub-groups including pederasts and pedophiles, transvestites, S&M activists, fetishists and others."
(It would be interesting to learn who funds IOLH, and where its activist leaders work). Faced with a prinicpled revolt in the name of deviant diversity, ILGA backed down "out of fear of losing half its members," wrote a gay journalist.

Boston-based Alyson Publications is a major force in pushing the "diversity" agenda for children, and placing its titles in school libraries. Alyson publishes Heather Has Two Mommies, Daddy's Roommate and Daddy's Wedding in one of whose illustrations a beaming ten year old boy looks on while his father plants a "wedding" kiss on his homosexual "spouse."

Alyson has some other intriguing titles, like, Gay Sex: A Manual for Men Who Love Men which tells how "to minimize the risk" for "men who are involved with partners under the legal age of consent," that is, with children. Several of the suggestions are from NAMBLA, including advice to "avoid situations where many men have sex with the same boy over a period of time." Love 'em and dump 'em seems to be the paradigm, followed to logical conclusion by the murderers of Jeffrey Curley. Another Alyson title, Young, Gay & Proud for "homosexual-identified" school kids, includes graphic sexual advice on "Doing It, Gay" and repeats the familiar "1 in 10" lie.

Alyson also publishes "adult titles" like Macho Sluts in which a woman fantasizes about sadistic sex with her young daughter, The Lesbian S/M Safety Manual (including advice for "safe" whipping, not yet included in AYS) and The Alyson Almanac which lists NAMBLA as a resource "to educate society on the positive nature" of man-boy sex. Charles Jaynes must have skipped that chapter.

One wonders where the Middlesex, Norfolk and Suffolk County DA's have been while Alyson has published and promoted its ruinous texts. Massachusetts Attorney General, Scott Harshbarger, has spent substantial time working with Planned Parenthood, persecuting the Amiraults (in the Fells Acre Day Care Case). Now, he is running for Governor. He would be an apt replacement for William Weld, a self-styled tough prosecutor, who also did nothing about Alyson or NAMBLA. The heads of state law enforcement have looked away while Boston's newspapers profiled Alyson Co's authors and illustrators, and while two lesbians promoted It's Elementary, a film teaching K-6 students that homosexuality is normal.

Similarly, DA's around the nation ignore promotion and publishing of slick homosexual magazines like XY, targeted at young people and filled with nudity and enticement. Beer commercials on prime time sports events now present transvestitism as a joke. The "justice" system prosecutes baseless allegations of "abuse" against devoted heterosexual parents while ignoring the overt child abuse of sexual perverts and their cheerleaders in Academia, government and business. This will not surprise those who have witnessed the government prosecute prolife speech while underwriting the abortion/population control industry which has a clear shared interest with promoters of sexual perversion. Wilful sterility is a perversion, and perversion is now an industry. Death is big business in the 20th century.

Alyson's parent company, Liberation Publications, issues The Advocate, a gay magazine with which Bill Clinton interviewed in 1996. The same day Jeffrey Curley was killed, Clinton announced that five of the 18 top White House staff positions would be set aside for homosexuals and he appointed lesbian activist, Virginia Apuzzo, to the top slot. The Clintons, and their Gaia-worshipping VP, Al Gore, consult with the Human Rights Campaign as part of their agenda to control children through the schools and a new National Child Care plan which will exploit the Woodward nanny case to further institutionalize the separation of children from their parents.

When a national Conference of psychologists and former homosexuals gather to discuss ways to free oneself of that dangerous preference, they can expect to be attacked by groups like the "Lesbian Avengers" as happened summer 1995 in San Diego, or October 10, 1997, at Harvard. When author Scott Lively lectured in Wisconsin about his book reviewing evidence on the dominance of the Nazi hierarchy by homosexuals, churches at which he spoke were attacked by homosexual mobs which threw rocks and urinated on the floor.

What is the response of the forces of official "justice?" In a particularly ugly coincidence, the U.S. Dept of Justice has urged and "commended" federal employees to attend "diversity seminars" in conjunction with National Coming Out Month. It is no longer mandatory, but employees who want commendation, promotion, raises and re-hiring, will be sure to attend. Such the indirect but official inducements for monsters like Jaynes and Sicari. It is as if the government had institutionalized Kinsey's notion that "diversity" would not be harmful if society didn't condemn it. It is, however, precisely government and the media/entertainment axis that have made a big and very public deal of diversity....
[continued here]

Anima Eternae October 25th, 2005 02:41 AM

Include the story about the pretty British girl who was attacked by the Somali nig...

Use photo for maximum effect.

lawrence dennis October 25th, 2005 06:08 AM

Polygamy given legal sanction in Netherlands
Original source on 'Civil Union' of trio:

Redefining Marriage, Netherlands Style

Posted by Steve at October 4, 2005 10:00 AM -- Being proven right all the time is admittedly a heavy burden to bear, but, it's not unusual for us conservatives to have to bear it -- and it's happened again in the case of redefining marriage. Witness this from the Brussels Journal:
The Netherlands and Belgium were the first countries to give full marriage rights to homosexuals. In the United States some politicians propose “civil unions” that give homosexual couples the full benefits and responsibilities of marriage. These civil unions differ from marriage only in name. Meanwhile in the Netherlands polygamy has been legalised in all but name. Last Friday the first civil union of three partners was registered. Victor de Bruijn (46) from Roosendaal “married” both Bianca (31) and Mirjam (35) in a ceremony before a notary who duly registered their civil union.

“I love both Bianca and Mirjam, so I am marrying them both,” Victor said. He had previously been married to Bianca. Two and a half years ago they met Mirjam Geven through an internet chatbox. Eight weeks later Mirjam deserted her husband and came to live with Victor and Bianca. After Mirjam’s divorce the threesome decided to marry.
Yes you read it right: Two women and a man were "married" the other day in the Netherlands. But, it's cool says the blushing groom, because the women are bi:
Asked by journalists to tell the secret of their peculiar relationship, Victor explained that there is no jealousy between them. “But this is because Mirjam and Bianca are bisexual. I think that with two heterosexual women it would be more difficult.” Victor stressed, however, that he is “a one hundred per cent heterosexual” and that a fourth person will not be allowed into the “marriage.” They want to take their marriage obligations seriously: “to be honest and open with each other and not philander.”
So Victor says a fourth person will not be allowed into the marriage. How do his "wives" feel about this? What happens if they meet the right person to make it a foursome in some Internet "chatbox"? What if Victor's "wives" take a notion that they'd like some more man action in the "relationship"? Or maybe some more woman action? If everyone has an equal vote in this "marriage" perhaps ole' Vic will be faced with sharing his bed with another guy (or girl) of their choosing. Here are a couple more questions thrown in for good measure: Which of the duo of "wives" in this relationship has greater standing? Would it be Bianca, who was married to Victor for 2 1/2 years before they decided to become a threesome? What if this "union" produces kids? Who's the mom and what does the kid call the other "wife" in the relationship? What legal standing does each of the three parents have? Aside from the obvious moral and legal issues, the problems with this whole situation are never-ending. But the problems for this "threesome" pale in comparison to the implications and problems for society as a whole.

Now that the ménage a trois has been codified by a civil union in Europe, what's next? How long will it be before a foursome in the Netherlands decides that they deserve to have their relationship recognized as legal? Two men and two women? Three men and one woman? Three women and one man? Four men? Four women? A woman a man and two sheep? Don't laugh; stranger things could certainly happen.

Rogue judges have started us down the slippery slope over here on this side of the pond. Seventy percent of Massachusetts residents oppose gay marriage and yet gay marriage is the law in Massachusetts. Vermont has legalized civil unions between same sex couples. Canada recently legalized gay marriage and the rational lawmakers there have opined that this will lead to the legalization of polygamy in short order. As says, this isn't a joke:
The development would seem like a joke and a mere oddity if it were not for the fact that it was precisely this that was warned about in legislatures in Canada and the US from those opposed to the legal demolition of marriage. When the same-sex “marriage” bill was being debated in Canada’s Parliament, Liberal MP Tom Wappel warned that the next logical step was the legalization of polygamy. “Those who argue in favour of polygamy will say, ‘How can we end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in marriage but continue to permit discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs in marriage?’” said Wappel.
This argument is exactly correct and it's just the next little slide down the slippery slope of the "anything goes" approach to marriage. If you think it can't happen here, that's probably exactly what they thought a couple decades ago in Europe. Marriage between one man and one woman isn't just some arbitrary construct us conservatives decided to force on society for the hell of it. There are a lot of good legal and moral reasons for it as this case proves conclusively.

Franco October 25th, 2005 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by Alex Linder
Appearing in TAA#4 (now under construction)...

Why “They” Promote Homosexuality in Public Schools...and Everywhere Else

- stats on queer kids vs peers
- explanation of the Frankfurt goy inducement to promiscuity/homosexuality; how this results in "gay safe zones" and "gay-straight" alliances
- understanding the basis of 'fagitprop' (see other thread based on Kupelian article)

If you come across any good stats, text or grahpics, post them here.


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