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Roberto Muehlenkamp
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Roberto Muehlenkamp

Mr. Gerdes, one only has to look at you to realize that, besides a compulsive liar, hysterical obfuscator and pathetic coward, you are also not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Nevertheless, what I wrote in my post 2197:

If my calculation and its backup (see post 2191) are posted on Mr. Shermer's forum, and if Mr. Shermer confirms that my calculation and the proof it is based on meets his standards of proof, then you will have to pay me $ 1,000 for each of those 14 graves, that is $ 14,000 in total.

Do you confirm this, Mr. Gerdes?

Yes or No?

Ah, and please answer under your real name, you pathetic coward. Whatever you write as "Bill Wassner" or under another alias will be contemptuously ignored.
should be easy enough to understand even for the small part of your little brain matter that has not yet been replaced by manure.

If you want to continue beating about the bush and changing the subject instead of answering a simple question, while lying about your identity and hiding behind an alias as becomes a whimpering coward, that's fine with me.

The only answer you'll get from me, until you come out of hiding and start writing as Greg Gerdes and not as "Bill Wassner", "Pat Little" or whatever other alias you may dream up, is a reference to this post.

Even your fellow White Nationalists, assuming they have the patience to read your lengthy hysterical blather (which I expect you to repeat over and over again from now on) are likely to draw their conclusions about the chicken-shit little worm you are, if they have not done so already.