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A nation 'united in grief' after bank holiday terrorist attacks:
Royal couple cancel honeymoon as mark of respect.

The World was in shock today after yesterday's terrorist attacks in Leeds and Birmingham. Suspected Libyan gunmen rang amok in both cities shooting men, women and children indiscriminately. In what was supposed to be a day of joyous national celebration, turned into a sickening bloodbath as terrorists targeted innocent people, young and old alike. Over 456 people were shot in total, resulting in 276 fatalities, according to police. Making it the worst ever terrorist atrocity in peace-time Europe. Affecting all communities, black and white, Christian and Muslim. The terrorists spared no-one. Shooting and killing random people simply because they were British citizens. Regardless of their ethnicity or religious conviction.

The Royal Wedding was considered a potential terrorist target for the RIRA by MI5, and round-the-clock surveillance was kept on Irish republican dissidents. Thousands of far-left anarchists also caused a security headache on the day. Along with extremist Muslims and the English Defence League all making threats and counter-threats. This allowed suspected Libyan terrorists to take advantage of the security situation and ‘slip under the radar’. This they did with ruthless efficiency and sheer cold-bloodedness. They struck elsewhere in the country while police and MI5 were tied-up with protecting the Royal wedding, safeguarding the hundreds of important guests attending the event.

Politicians from all parties joined in the condemnation of the cowardly terrorist attacks and pledged that ‘no stone would be left unturned in finding and punishing the culprits responsible for Europe‘s worst ever terrorist atrocity‘. President Obama sent his heartfelt condolences from ‘all the American people’ and pledged to ‘find and punish those responsible for the atrocity.’ David Cameron further pledged that the government would do 'everything possible to track down these evil terrorists and take any action necessary'. He also promised to set up a special fund for the victims and their grieving families. Scores of celebrities and sports stars have promised to donate generously to the fund as the nation pulls together. The Sun Newspaper has also generously donated 5,000,000 and will organise fund raising until at least 20,000,000 is raised.

The Israeli government has sent a message of condolence to the British people. The intelligence agency Mossad believe the terrorists may have connections to Al-Qaida and were probably sponsored by Iran.

Both Prince William and Princess Kathryn have sent their heartfelt condolences to the whole nation and to the victims' families. They have also promised to do everything possible to unite the nation in the face of such devastation. As a mark of respect, the Royal couple have cancelled their honeymoon. Princess Kathryn is said to be devastated and heartbroken.
You read it here first! The above news report is a spoof article based on circumstantial evidence found on the internet and placed in this thread. It is my way, hopefully, of preventing any false-flag attack from happening.

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