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Roberto Muehlenkamp
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Roberto Muehlenkamp

Still nothing from lfj, and another two "Anders" freakouts from self-projecting compulsive liar and pathetic coward Gerdes. In the former there is again some mendacious babbling about Richard Krege, whose blunder the NAFH for some reason no longer makes as big fuss about as it used to, plus the good old Lukaszkiewicz out-of-context quote).

24th reference to my post 2495 (73rd reference to my post 2201).

Let's see how many more "Anders" and/or "Bill Wassner" freakouts the cowardly self-projecting creature (which goes on with its lame and silly emulation of my comments about its behavior, besides displaying its customary mendacity and/or paranoid hallucinations) will have before posting this simple statement:

"I'm Greg Gerdes and I post here as [insert name of chosen sockpuppet] because I'm only allowed to post under my own name in the Tard Corral of this forum."