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Originally Posted by littlefieldjohn View Post
Roberta/Retardo/Roberto, whatever, your only drawback as far as i can tell is that you are somewhat of a lunatic.

Like a lot of trolls, you favor overblowing the obscure ; muddiness instead of clarity , so the fact that you're missing a few screws really makes your postings terribly funny. Seriously, if they haven't already cut your pay, they should.
Wow, looks like dishonest coward littlefieldjohn got pissed.

And he still hasn't answered my question.

But what is funniest is being called a troll by someone whose behavior suggests a similarity to Greg Gerdes.

Talk about Gerdes, today we have three "Bill Wassner" freakouts from this error of nature. In the last one our self-projecting friend again reveals his favorite activities and fantasies.

26th reference to my post 2495 (75th reference to my post 2201).

Let's see how many more "Anders" and/or "Bill Wassner" freakouts the cowardly self-projecting creature (which goes on with its lame and silly emulation of my comments about its behavior, besides displaying its customary mendacity and/or paranoid hallucinations) will have before posting this simple statement:

"I'm Greg Gerdes and I post here as [insert name of chosen sockpuppet] because I'm only allowed to post under my own name in the Tard Corral of this forum."

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