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Roberto Muehlenkamp
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Roberto Muehlenkamp

Still nothing new here, just another hysterical "Anders" freakout from an error of nature by the name of Greg Gerdes, who apparently thinks he'll get a banana just because Mr. Shermer obviously considers it below his dignity to address anything related to that error of nature let alone do so until a deadline set by the chimp. Or then the error of nature is desperate because Shermer doesn't give a flying fuck about his imbecilic fish-wife hollering. Actually that’s what such hollering suggests, so Gerdes should at least thank me for having tried to get him what he obviously most yearns for – the attention of Michael Shermer.

33rd reference to my post 2495 (82nd reference to my post 2201).

Let's see how many more "Anders" and/or "Bill Wassner" freakouts the cowardly self-projecting creature will have before posting this simple statement:

"I'm Greg Gerdes and I post here as [insert name of chosen sockpuppet] because I'm only allowed to post under my own name in the Tard Corral of this forum."