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Roberto Muehlenkamp

Still nothing new here, just another hysterical "Anders" freakout from an error of nature by the name of Greg Gerdes, who helplessly emulates my descriptions of his behavior (guess he'll emulate that too) and apparently thinks he'll get a banana just because Mr. Shermer obviously considers it below his dignity to address anything related to that error of nature let alone do so until a deadline set by the chimp. Or then the error of nature is desperate because Shermer doesn't give a flying fuck about his imbecilic fish-wife hollering. Actually that’s what such hollering suggests, so Gerdes should at least thank me for having tried to get him what he obviously most yearns for – the attention of Michael Shermer.

35th reference to my post 2495 (84th reference to my post 2201).

Let's see how many more "Anders" and/or "Bill Wassner" freakouts the cowardly self-projecting creature will have before posting this simple statement:

"I'm Greg Gerdes and I post here as [insert name of chosen sockpuppet] because I'm only allowed to post under my own name in the Tard Corral of this forum."

Meanwhile, I have invited another chimp to get the discussion here out of the deadlock brought about by Gerdes' cowardice:

As to the phony association that used to call itself NAFCASH, now calls itself NAFH and consists of only our mutual friend Greg Gerdes, discussion with this error of nature has stalled as the coward persists in his "Anders" and "Bill Wassner" sock-puppet acts. But maybe Werd/Drew J can get it going again by moving his ass over to the VNN thread Archeological Investigations of Treblinka and posting Gerdes’ rubbish as if it were his own, whereupon I’ll have the pleasure of duly slapping it around his ears. He can also bring along Lisciotto, who will be in good company among those White chimps. How about it, Drew J?
Let's see if Werd/Drew J finally grows a pair, or if he'd rather continue kissing ass on the "CODOH Revisionist Forum".

Ah, and Carmelo "Blogbuster" Lisciotto is also invited.

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