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Alex Linder

I have never understood why the socialists introduced it in the first place. Well, I understand WHY they did, and I understand why the public lapped it up - amazing what you can get people to sign up to on seeing the word "free" - but even the early '40s Labour party admitted that the immediate pre-NHS British healthcare had nothing to criticise. No waiting lists, no staff shortages, no nonsense. Then we discovered penicillin and that should have cemented the system as being perfect - but they changed it anyway. I would love to see the manifesto that persuaded people to vote Labour in and see exactly how this was sold to them.
Socialized medicine means immense power for the people running the system. Immense riches, power - and all completely unaccountable. We all see that the media portray whites as evil and blacks as good, but there are subtler versions of this. People who work for the government are portrayes as noble 'public servants,' and people who work privately are portrayed as greedy or selfish. Just as with the black/white treatment, the media treatment of public-private pursues the same end: reversing the actual reality. The reality is that the people who work for government are greedy, and the people who work in private are not. The government gives benefits that private companies can't afford, that's why government agencies are the only area doing well in a recession. Private businesses have to raise money from people VOLUNTARILY, whereas government gets its money through COERCION. That is the fundamental distinction, and it is absolutely huge. And yet it is never mentioned by the media.

All the media does is promote government as the solution to everything. No matter what the problem is, it requires a new or expanded government program and/or department to fix it. Never is the solution LESS government. Getting rid of programs. Only adding more programs, more bureaucrats, more regulations, more departments.

But there's one thing you notice. None of these government programs is ever VOLUNTARY. They're all presented as these wonderful programs that everybody loves, but if that's the case, why is participation in them COERCED? Why can't you opt out? Because if you could, no one would join them. Government is nothing but force, as Washington observed. The only people it benefits are the tyrants, the petty bureaucrats, and the members of whichever classes the government subsidizes in order to have the votes it needs to preserve and expand itself - ie, niggers, muds, and problem-CAUSERS of every race and deviancy. The very people you DONT want to subsidize because, per the rule, whatever you subsidize you get MORE of. Government is the problem that creates itself. Government creates problems that it poses itself as the solution to, thereby expanding the circle perpetually. It is self-exacerbating. Finally you reach a point we're at now, where the population is poised between the 50% of shitscum that owes its very existence to government thievery, and the 50% tax slaves who pay for it all. Then you have the continual struggle between these two - which ends up where the US is now - in lockdown over a default: lies and red ink as far as the eye can see, and no way to change it because the System and its protective media deny new entrants and stifle new voices as staunchly as government programs deny opt-outs.

Because people are inherently thieving and greedy -- everyone to some extent, and some pretty much wholly -- the tyrants and government-lovers always end up in charge of the system, since they love dictating to others and the perks that go along with dictatorship - and any kind of freedom is out the door. There's no ultimate solution to this because the problem lies in our character as a species. All we can do is understand the problem. We have to revolt from time time to reboot the system - to restart it clean. But the system will always tend in the same direction. The only reform conceivable that will keep government limited over time is...not to have any. But people would try to get around even that, so great are the emoluments accruing to self-interested socialist liars and tyrants. That's why ultimately the people who suffer under it have no guarantee but their own recourse to physical violence, since once government reaches a certain size, nothing can be done about it legally to effect any serious change.

All of this is completely independent of race too, altho an all-White nation would find it someone easier to keep government to its express functions, and the socialist expansion of its original mission would take longer to bring about. But in the end, it's following what might as well be laws - government always expands over time. That's why I propose a one-function central government for our coming White state in America, with overt blood rites as a safeguard-slash-public admission that we can't simply trust ourselves to do the right thing, but must resober ourselves annually by shedding, non-symbolically, the blood of the tyrant class. Thereby rededicating that class to its holy monopurpose, and reminding each and every member that just how serious his mission is, and how important he stick to the ONE function the overgovernment exists to carry out. But in the end, we are human. We cheat and lie, and get our way around any paper document. I merely propose my idea as a way that might go further than past ways in keeping a system good for as long as possible. Ultimately, it's always up to hims and hers and thems who cares to take out the trash, which is what Jefferson and everybody else who thought about it seriously has concluded. Hey...if you're willing to put up with it, there are a hell of a lot of unappealing men willing to dish it out. We want a system that sustains and prospers strong people, not weak. A system fit for men, not children. If men can't take care of the ordinary business of life without running to a government department, then they are no more than children, and their political body a kindergarten writ large.

I keep hearing people worrying that the Conservatives will put an end to free, universal health care, but it's not free and it's not universal. Not when your postcode determines that you don't get the most effective drug, whilst your neighbour on the next street with a different postcode but at the same hospital at the same time under the same consultant does get it. It's not free taxpayers pay for it and it's certainly not free when those living in England are subsidising the rest of the union. People keep saying it's a "return to the dark ages" and a return to "fear"? Fear of what? Of losing the spoonfeeding?
Medical decisions, under socialism, become political decisions. And guess who makes those political decisions? The same old jews and anti-white socialists. They are the ones who decide who becomes a doctor, and discriminat against white males. They also discriminate against specialists in favor of general practitioners. They discriminate in favor of women over men. In general they retard the technical advance of the science and practice because, as everywhere else, they promote the inferior over the superior because that is their politics.

The longer government exists, and the bigger it expands, the more it breeds the population it desires: a population made of the types it prefers (homos, muds, jews, feminists), and people who buy its arguments and need its services. The more useless niggers you have, the more cops you need, the more prisons you need, the more public health you need, the more food stamps, the more public schools, benefits counselors, psychiatrists, parole officers. Big government creates the people who need big government, and of that class the nigger is most truly representative. The white man who works and stays out of trouble - what does he need government for? He doesn't. All it means to him is a threat: it steals his money and his freedom while lecturing him about what a bad guy he is because he doesn't love one of the protected, privileged classes of benefits seekers enough. Some deal. White men are critized as privileged in the junkmedia because they AREN'T privileged. They are the victims and draught-asses of the System, the ones the System relies on to produce the goodies the bureacrats and tyrants redistribute to the feckless, useless descendants of slaves and illegal alien trash from south of the border.

From the government point of view, things are working perfectly. They are as big as they've ever been, and the bad guys seem powerless to resist them, and the trends are all headed the right way. Well, yes, that's true as it goes. On the other hand, the nations are bankrupt and culturally degenerated to an advanced degree. Many of the largest cities are the political-body equivalent of open sores. It's a system that cannot be sustained forever simply because of the contradictions. The myths needed to create the System and expand it to the 2011 point will eventually bring it under because the abused class that actually funds the craziness, the problem-solvers, at some point is overwhelmed by the problem-causers. We can see it all happening in front of us, plain as day. We just can't do much about it, at least on the national level. We can merely avoid some of the personal effects of it on the individual level.

I know there were dark times for some people pre-NHS and nobody wants a return to the days of women dying because the only midwife they could "afford" was the gin-sodden old crone from down the road, but with the removal of the NHS and introduction of free trade medical care, prices would surely be within reach of most people and insurance companies would be falling over themselves to offer the best cover at the lowest prices.
There'd be the full range of options like there is in every other unregulated industry. Not much medical care actually requires superhuman knowledge and cutting-edge tools. Probably 80% of diseases can be self-diagnosed by anyone halfway intelligent. And if it were allowed, he could then simply walk next door or go on the internet to buy whatever drugs he thought he needed. If he bought the wrong ones, only he would suffer. But instead, we grown adults must go to a doctor to get a permission slip to buy some pills. Is that not insane? Only our indoctrination tells us it isn't.

The System has been in place long enough to create a population that needs it: physical adults who are mental children; men to whom the very idea of making EVERY serious decision for themselves and their communal life seems as unthinkable as flapping your arms to fly to mars.

I think the NHS was a great idea in principle and on paper but it hasn't worked as it was meant to and it's clearly struggling under the current load.
No great idea requires coerced participation. Great ideas attract people like magnets, sooner or later, BECAUSE they are seen to be effective and truly great.

I dispute the 57 million figure, but even at that, it's clearly not sustainable, not when you consider this tax loophole that andy exposed of migrant workers being paid offshore. Incidentally, if you click on NHS Careers, the second category is "Applying from overseas". The list isn't in alphabetical order, either.
Just look at this way. Why should the average (British) person be worrying about where/who his neighbor goes to for body repair? How in the world is that any of your business or yours his? And now you're to the point where it seems reasonable to talk about what "we" should be allowed to put in our refrigerators if "we" want a doctor's care.

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