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The difference between the NW Front fantasy and the reality of a Pioneer Little Europe.

Is my plan like Harold Covingtons? Basically no, not at all. My plan is not based on a set of novels about violence. It is not about forming quasi military groups and committing crimes. I think that anyone who is planning that far ahead is crazier than a peach orchard boar. My plan involves basics and I refuse to put the cart before the horse, talk about borders, laws or leaders right now. I think anyone who does that is either naive or just plain living in a fantasy world.

My plan involves basics like I said. Creating white community, working to educate local whites to racial and historical issues, networking with locals who share similar views on issues, helping migrants to settle to the area, and to advertise the ideas of Northwest Migration to the White masses who are ready to get out of multicultural areas.

Some of the ways we are accomplishing these things are 1. Creating white community by having BBQs and events for local WNs or sympathizers to attend. 2. Working to educate local whites by having speakers, showing films and writing letters to the editor. 3.Networking with locals involved in the Pro Life movement, gun rights, and other political issues. 4.Helping migrants by advising, giving them information and being a resource for physical, emotional and spiritual help in their move. 5. Advertising the idea of NW migration on various websites, both racial and nonracial,reaching out to Whites across the country who might want to move here.

The time frame on this could be 5 years or it could be 25 years. I honestly just dont know. It depends on lots of things like the economy and politics and so forth.Obviously we need to get a large number of people thinking racially and that has to happen by lots of our people moving here as well as connecting with those already here. When we have sufficient numbers an organic movement will develop, groups will form and leaders will emerge. My job as I see it is to help promote the idea of NW migration and to help the migrants get up here and get settled.
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