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Roberto Muehlenkamp
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Roberto Muehlenkamp

Increasingly lonely self-projecting error of nature Greg Gerdes had another of his pathetic "Anders" freak-outs, repeating his mendacious claim that I'm running away from a litany of imbecilic questions that have actually been been exhaustively answered (or shall I say slapped around the lying coward’s ears?), last time in my TRF posts of Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:44 pm, Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:29 pm, Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:32 pm and Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:34 pm .

And of course the compulsive liar and spineless coward doesn’t tell his readers (assuming anyone here still cares about what he has to say) that he’s cravenly dodging a current total of 342 questions I have asked him.

Poor Greg needs his somewhat-less-than-honest victory dances, you see. His loser’s life is so devoid of any experience of success that he not only invents "victories" but brags about them over and over again, obviously because he doesn’t quite manage to convince even himself that he has achieved anything. If Greg were not such an obnoxious creature, I might feel sorry for him.

On the present forum, Gerdes also continues showing that his cowardice and mendacity remain unchanged, of course.

70th reference to my post 2495 (119th reference to my post 2201).

Let's see how many more "Anders" and/or "Bill Wassner" freakouts the cowardly self-projecting creature will have before doing the one small thing he has to for me to address his "simple questions" and other simple-minded garbage, which is to post the following statement:

"I'm Greg Gerdes and I post here as [insert name of chosen sockpuppet] because I'm only allowed to post under my own name in the Tard Corral of this forum."

Gerdes mendaciously claims that his opponent runs away from his questions, when in fact the only one running away from questions (lots of them, see above) is Gerdes himself.

Gerdes is constantly claiming that he "demolishes" his opponent, but the only thing he has so far managed to demolish is any hope that he might be more than a miserable coward with a big foul mouth and nothing behind it.

Gerdes is such a coward that he won't even post the simple statement required above, go figure.