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Basically, anything that tells White history - even if it's just a Thor/Robin Hood type legend and not stone cold fact - is being retold and having non-whites inserted in to key strategic roles. I dunno if it's being done to actually try and convince people that we have always been one giant happy family or if it's aimed at convincing the newer generation or if it's done to make the non-whites feel better about the fact that they don't really have any impact or role on or in White history or some other reason or a combination of them all, but that's what happening.

Our history and our legends are being distorted beyond all recognition and it won't be long before their true origins are lost.

Our Pagan ancestors went through persecution and torture at the hands of the christians hell bent on stamping out the indigenous religion and inserting their own creed in its place but some of our legends and our ceremonies survived through song and repetition down the generations. (and through being stolen and altered by the bible bashers) Now they're being killed altogether and Odinists or Pagans today who claim an affinity with Thor and who try and educate the young about their true indigenous religion are greeted with:

"Wot, this Thor?"

Yes, kids. He and his dad are the ones we should worship. But it's racist to complain about it. Imagine if they made a film about Islam, for instance and got Hugh Grant to play Allah with Mel Gibson as Mohammed. Yeah. Outrage. But because it's a White legend, it's fair game.

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