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Sam Emerson
Diversity = White Genocide
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Sam Emerson

If there was one thing I always got from reading Glenn it was that he wanted us to act, not just talk. That was the theme of almost all his posts. Whether he was raising money for a project, encouraging others to come forward and lead, or praising men who had put their lives on the line by acting in the past he was always pushing for action.

It was obvious he was frustrated by the lack of action by most racially aware whites. He managed many fundraisers for the cause over the years and had a better idea than most of the ratio of talkers to donors, and the even worse ratio of talkers to real life, on the street men of action.

His central theme was entirely correct. But his frustration with the inaction he saw made him endorse projects and people that were not productive. Still, the basic impulse to encourage action is correct. Combined with better tools, greater wisdom and young activists it will work.

So what do I think of Glenn? He fought for us as hard and as well as he knew how for most of his life and that makes him a hero. I won't throw any man who does that under the bus.