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Psychopath / sociopath… have you noticed lying Kikes tend to use these words when they attack White politicians / celebrities etc they hate?

Keep in mind that psychology is a Jewish concept. it is worth studying, though.

Also keep in mind that 90% of psychiatrists are the Jews.

It is not "antisocial" when we reject their multicultural BS.
Because it's against humanity.

And about "Aggressiveness" - it is a masculine trait. not sociopathic.
The reason why they say it's a sociopathic trait is because they hate masculinity. (hence calling it "toxic masculinity", promoting faggotry to turn White men into weak betas)

If the White person is actually a sociopath, that's because he / she is affected by drugs and other kinds of degeneracies.
It's also possible that he / she is suffering from some kind of trauma.

All Jews are sociopaths and a lot of non-Whites also seem to be.

The Kikes want all of us Whites to be qualified as psychopaths / sociopaths regardless of political views or class.
Because they are psycho / socio-paths themselves, they want to ensure nobody is attacking them for what they really are.

It's part of their anti-White agenda.

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