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Originally Posted by Subrosa
What a shame. Mr. Bertollini could have been a real asset to WN. Instead, he got involved with the AN and just lost it. I remember when the pigs beat this man in his own house! Religion can be a powerful thing or it can drive you insane. I hope he comes out of this okay. He's a good person at heart.
Here's how Vincent Bertollini looked shortly after his beating by sheriff's deputies. The beating happened when the deputy invaded Bertollini's home on the pretext of a "drunk and disorderly" complaint. Afterward, a deputy attempted to lie, saying that Bertollini had fallen against a wall. Among his other injuries, Bertollini suffered a separated retina in his right eye. Because of his beliefs, he was unable to hire an attorney, and to this day no charges have ever been filed against any of the deputies who beat him.

Originally Posted by AngryAryan
In all fairness, his bail is that high largely because he was a fugitive, & in their eyes, is financialy capable of fleeing.

3 million $$ bail from drunk driving, by itself, is a tad bit high I would think.
Almost every bit of governmental action against Mr. Bertollini come from one cause: official displeasure with his beliefs and with how he chose to use his money. He probably wouldn't have had federal firearms charges against him if he weren't pro-White. His bail is excessively high even considering those charges: of that three million dollars, more than ninety percent of it comes from his being "a racist."

A few years ago, Artie Wheeler, another pro-White activist, was socked with a $2 million bail. What was his alleged "crime"? Storing gunpowder in an unapproved jar. Mr. Wheeler had a legal hobby of reloading ammunition, and of course he had to have a supply of gunpowder in order to practice his hobby. Apparently, in his choice of container, some obscure regulation was broken. But, again, you can see without difficulty that nearly all of that excessive bail amount was imposed purely because of the accused's pro-White politics.

Jerry Abbott

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