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From your lying article, 6Killer-- SPLC searchbox yields:
  • Benyamin Avroham Klass yields Zero
  • jews for wallace yields hits on "wallace" but none having to do with "jews for wallace"

Likely the SPLC knows not to publish such disprovable luies on its website, so it comes onto VNNF and uses VNN's RSS feed, the all of their jew-lie claims based on a supposed CI "jack88_2005" blogger to get it going and repeated all over the internet. Such is kike disinformation.
This is their tried and true technique. For example, on VNNF, they start sock puppets and let them age like wine for a year or two with very little activity. Then, when they get busted in one sock puppet, or its outlived its dissension-purpose usefulness, they pick up the next sock puppet.

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