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Default The covingtonistas & their lies

Originally Posted by Tom88
Will, I don't want to see you leave here, I think everyone has really enjoyed reading your posts. I know I have. I'll talk to Alex.

I notice quite a few covingtonista/Covington aliases such as JD Grier, John E Reb, etc., posting to this VNN-Forum. I've heard quite a few lies about Will Williams from the covingtonistas. And yes, I can see how such vermin can really piss some of the Old Guard off.

And if you were to censor such, it is no more than such deserve, since they censor and lie without fear of correction upon their latest jewhoogruppen.

So does this Joe Bishop/Keith Fulton likewise censor and lie upon his jewhoogruppen.

I would suggest that the covingtonistas and others, like Bishop, we shall have with us always under various aliasses, and that deleting such vermin will become an all-day task. Rather, these barnicles and pimples eventually, by their behavior, end up making all of the genuine Resistance activists stronger by building up 'antibodies' that we might need in dealing with internal parasites and subversives. Such are far better marked and branded as for what they are, rather than made to get more wily and better suited to disguising themselves by the blunt tool of censorship.

I ended up asking about Covington back in 1998, when I was suspicious about being 'used' by appearing on Covington's 'Whitespeak' jewhoogruppen. Katya Lane ended up predicting, "Sooner or later you will grow tired of his lies." Well, I must have been stupid because I didn't figure out until reading Covington's latest self-published novel, "Swill of the Jayhawks" that Covington regarded Christian Identity soldiers as nothing but cannonfodder to be given third-rate shitizenship, if that, in Covington's 'NorthWest Republic' of covingtonistas. So yes, I've been on the outs with Covington since then, and duly censored on JD Steer's LieCommission jewhoogruppen.

I much prefer the current method of dealing with covingtonistas -- some guy simply posts "This is Harold Covington posing." This lets people in the know as to what is up, without stooping to Covington's and his critters' level.

--Martin Lindstedt