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Originally Posted by tuisto View Post
On the Number of Jews Who Died in the 911 WTC Attack
Jews or Israelis?

I posted this elsewhere on this thread a long time ago. In March 2002 I was home with a bad cold and was intrigued about the 4,000 Israelis who didn't bother to show up for work on 911.

I decided to search the 911 death list for Jewish names and came up with just 76 which was such a low number I went through the list several times to make sure I didn't miss any. I went to a school with a high percentage of Jewish students and I speak German fluently, I'd put myself as better than most in 'picking' Jewish names.

I also discovered an anomaly with my list which really floored me:

There were TEN (10) Alphabet letter missing list from the final list, most notably the letter A. Think about it, imagine you rounded up at random 3000 Office worker types in Manhattan on any day: How many would have names like Abrahams, Abrams, Adler, Abromovich etc etc?

More than one?

76 Jews out of 3,000 is around 2.7%. If the Jew York Jewish population is say, 20% there should have been 600 Jews killed in those buildings. That just 76 were murdered that day (as tragic as that surely is for them and their families) simply tell me that this was an INSIDE JOB involving Jews from top to bottom and they managed to save as many of theirs as they could.

But not all of them.