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Gerdes’ hysterical knee-jerk reactions to my latest posts are as amusing as ever.

Post # 1278: Gerdes promises big things.

Originally Posted by Gerdes

"Again, my prediction is that the update of the NAFCASH challenge... Will not contain a statement as to what will be accepted as proof of human remains corresponding to x number of victims at Sobibor or Treblinka... even if Gerdes should make the "just one percent" into "just 1/10th of one percent", because what can be proven more or less easily depends not on the amount of human amounts to be proven but on the standards of proof applied."

You will see nafcash rubbing the retards nose in that prediction T.F.
Wow. So Gerdes will finally tell potential applicants what exactly he would accept as proof meeting the challenge requirements? Sounds great!

And what will that be?

Evidence such as would be accepted by historians (after all Gerdes calls himself a historian, and his "association", which apparently consists of Gerdes, Gerdes, Gerdes, & Gerdes, supposedly includes historians) or by criminal justice authorities? This would be the reasonable approach.

Or a precise physical quantification of human remains excavated from a mass grave, plus an expert’s confirmation that these remains correspond to so-and-so many human beings (i.e. something that is difficult if not impossible to provide, thus keeping the challenge what it currently is – a hoax)?

Stay tuned, folks.

This horseshit also makes me curious:

Originally Posted by Gerdes
It's also going to eliminate an issue that the retard and the jews are using to their advantage - the stalling tactic of saying that the information has already been obtained, but their just waiting for Kola to release it.
Let me guess what this is going to be: a deadline. "Evidence must be submitted until xx.xx.200x" or "Evidence must be submitted within xyz days after this-and-that", as if it were for Gerdes to set the schedules of archaeological work or the publication of its results, and as if it were not already obvious enough without this additional subterfuge that Gerdes and (if existing) his fellow hoaxers want to keep their money safe.

Am I guessing right, Mr. Gerdes?

In addition to promising big things about the upcoming NAFCASH update, Gerdes tries to impress our newcomer with one of his old straw-men:

Originally Posted by Gerdes
And that's just for starters. Even the jews have been forced to admit that the alleged Majdanek holocaust was exaggerated by no less than 1,923%, and that the alleged Belzec holocaust was exaggerated by no less than 500%, and that the alleged Auschwitz holocaust was exaggerated by no less than 364% and that the combined 6.722 million reduction of the Majdanek / Belzec / Auschwitz death tolls means that, at the very least - 79% of these three alleged holocausts within the holocaust - DIDN’T HAPPEN. (Remember, even though these figures are still far from the truth – they are figures that the jews themselves accept!)
The poor fellow is making a fuss about exaggerated death tolls estimated by eyewitnesses or by Soviet investigation commissions, which were corrected by historical research and/or by posterior criminal investigation. I don’t think he can give us the names of the Jewish or other historians who are supposed to have endorsed these early exaggerated estimates.

The death toll of mass killings is usually exaggerated shortly after the event, my dear Gerdes. And sometimes exaggerated figures stick around, even after competent assessments of evidence pointing to lower figures are published. Regarding the bombing of Dresden on 13/14 February 1945, for instance, death tolls of 250,000 or more have been or are still paraded. The number that can be proven by documentary evidence, on the other hand, is around 25,000. Will you now say that at least 90 % of the alleged Dresden holocaust didn’t happen, Mr. Gerdes? Duh!

Post # 1279: Gerdes again reveals his paranoia

Originally Posted by Gerdes
Please notice that retardo is trying to use an altered photo again. She was caught red-handed trying to pass this photo off way back on page 15. (See my post #298.)

Here is a photo of unaltered photo:

And the altered photo:
I don’t see what’s the difference between the "unaltered" photo and the "altered" one for the purpose of my argument/question, and I wonder how Gerdes determined which is the "unaltered" photo and which is the "altered" one. As to the fellow’s post # 298, the reply is in my post # 306 under .

Instead of throwing around baseless accusations, Gerdes should address what I wrote in my post # 1276 regarding (among others) this photograph. In the following I shall reformulate that with the "unaltered" photo, so Gerdes cannot run away by howling that I was "caught" doing this and that:

Originally Posted by Gerdes
BTW, can you show us a single bone fragment from Treblinka?

I didn't think so.
Not that it matters, but this "unaltered" other printout of a photo from my post # 172 under , exhibit A.

obviously shows bone fragments in the soil.

Unless, of course, Gerdes can provide another plausible and evidence-backed explanation for the white shards saturating the soil, in an area described as follows in judge Lukaszkiewicz’ site investigation report of 29 December 1945 (included in exhibit A.3.1.4, same post, emphases added:

In the northwestern section of the area, the surface is covered for about 2 hectares by a mixture of ashes and sand. In this mixture, one finds countless human bones, often still covered with tissue remains, which are in a condition of decomposition. During the inspection, which I made with the assistance of an expert in forensic medicine, it was determined that the ashes are without any doubt of human origin (remains of cremated human bones). The examination of human skulls could discover no trace of« wounding. At a distance of some 100 m, there is now an unpleasant odor of burning and decay.

The rest of Gerdes’ posts # 1278 and # 1279 seems to be a copy-and-paste repetition of nonsense that has been shredded in previous posts, namely those mentioned in my post # 1258 under and today’s post # 1276 under .

Ignoring his opponent’s arguments and questions and the evidence provided by his opponent while endlessly repeating the same irrelevant demands and other crap – that’s the "debating" tactic of a cowardly liar and hoaxer Gerdes, whose limited intellect and argumentative repertoire allow for nothing better.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Gerdes. A self-defeating wacko and demonstration object of "Revisionist" cowardice, mendacity and stupidity like you is hard to find, believe me.