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Originally Posted by Roberto Muehlenkamp View Post
I'm sure they never heard of little me. Why on earth should they have?

As to the SAP, we have a proven liar's somewhat implausible claim that she checked things with the Polish government.

On the contrary, I'd love to meet you in the flesh.
Heh. I know for a fact you have not contacted the Polish Government. However, you need to save face Dullard, so I understand.

Well as for myself and a few friends. We will be near Sobibor on the 15th. However, I am but satying overnight. No, I did not book hotel accommodation at one of the places near theme park "Sobibor".

We will be staying with Friends. O,and do not
worry about my companions, you won't even notice them much. They are there for my personal protection and know how to be unobtrusive unless needed.

Though I will have my attorney meeting me in Poland who will accompany me to your holocaustian festivities at Sobibor and who you will be forced to meet.

Again~ Don't worry, he is not a jew and thus is not given to hysterics and violentt outbursts ~ again, he is there for obvious reason.

However, contacts that I do have in the Polish government do assure that since I am only there to videotape you traipsing about the place then I will have no problems.

Speaking of which, the Polish authortities would very much like to hear from you re your permits, ect. They are wondering about your stated intent to locate and pluck up and paw over alleged remains of jew carcasses which you claim are laying about at the site.

It seems you are to inform them snce they've no idea who you are, nor of ayour credentials ect.

So what time will you be at the site. Where do we meet? In front of the theme park I suppose?

I assume i can recognise you by your "I went to Sobibor!" tee~shirt or cap, or perhaps Mickey Mouse type headgear (made famous by another theme park,).

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