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Originally Posted by Roberto Muehlenkamp View Post
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ynour NS thugs waiting for me on site to cut my throat.... That is, unless youíre the spoilt rich kid of some Jew-hating moneybags like Willis Carto or the late Robert H. Countess. I also doubt that you are willing to forfeit your treasured anonymity, which you will have to do when meeting me.

But OK, letís assume itís not all just bullshit and I further assume that you will hand me a copy of that video, and that any public use you make thereof will require my prior consent, just like any public use I make of the video will require your prior consent. I also assume that you will hand me a copy of that video, and that any public use you make thereof will require my prior consent, just like any public use I make of the video will require your prior consent.

When we have properly introduced each other, we can go visit the site and photograph or film any bone fragments or other human remains we may come across. I donít think the Polish government will object to photographing or filming such objects, provided that we leave them where they are, which of course is my intention. But if they have a problem with that, Iím sure museum director Marek Bern will tell us so and weíll have to cancel that part of the program.

Needless to say, I donít exclude the possibility that instead of EG & friends I will meet only a bunch of Polish skinheads or other scum with intentions against my life or personal integrity. Itís nothing that I would put beyond thebloodthirsty little thing. In case that happens, Iíll leave word with people I trust about who is to be held responsible for anything that might happen to me. It would be you as instigator, with Gerdes and PS as possible accomplices.

That said, I look forward to meeting you on 15.10.2008, 10 hours local time, at this place:

Of course Iím not. Because either thereís nothing behind your big mouth and your attacking me will end up in disaster for yourself, or there will be a nice bloody picture of "Revisionist" violence to show how desperate you people are and how out of arguments. I win either way, chimp. So do as your primate instincts urge you to do.
So EG is paying for your trip? The girl must have a rich daddy indeed..

Ah, and about the video:

EG, please make sure that Gerdes is also filmed, namely in the following actions:

a) Spouting his self-projecting invective;:
b) Attacking me (if successful, there will be an image of "Revisionist" violence to contrast with the poor-beaten-up-Faurisson photo you folks keep parading, and Iím sure the cause will be grateful.

Thatís no big deal, as I have screenshots of the whole thread. In case it should disappear into the memory hole like the Holocaust thread on SF, you know.

I donít see where the "sissy" or "hysterical" part is.

As I told you before, Iíd like to see the fellow trying to make good his big words. But that doesnít change the fact that he messed up badly by outing an anonymous veiled threat, and of course I took advantage of his blunder.

And it sure is amusing to be called a "sissy" and a "hysteric" by someone who runs around with bodyguards for her "personal protection". Especially as Iím about to meet what looks like a whole bunch of wackos (Gerdes, EG and EGís "unobtrusive" protectors) all by myself. A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, baby. But then, we have seen many times that you people got it all upside down, havenít we?
I come from a well off family Dullard. So what. Are you jealous? Why? jews are not the only ones that have money.

Now. As to the terms or conditions of my videotapeing you. Who do you fancy yourself to be, a famous celebrity; perhaps Paris Hilton. That fits.

No, you do not get a copy of it. Nor will I need to appear in it. You are the one that chooses to find and play with alleged jew carcasses that you claim are to be easily found, lying on the ground. You will be videotaped attempting to explain every one of your claims.

Btw, Bern does not have the authority to allow you to "pick up" (your words) alleged jew remains and play with them so long as you put them back where you found them like a good boy.

This intent of yours is why you need to contact the Polish government and petition for a permit; pay nescessary fees and, most important, present your credentials. But I am not going to waste anymore time warning you re that matter.

Herr Gerdes can choose for himself whether or not he wishes to be seen on the videotape with you. He is also entitled to have a copy. This is my personal choice.

You are not entitled to what I declare here to be personal home video, to be distributed amongst family and friends and displayed as such on the internet as so many other home videos are.

As well, my companions who are to accompany me will not allow you or anyone else to film or fotograph me unless I am informed and agree to this. You have expressed willingness to be filmed and agreement to this. Several times. I have not and do not.

Your person as well as that of whoever comes with you will be subject to search and you will hand over all cellfones,cameras, film equipment. They will be returned to you after the videotaping.

These are the terms. I do not negotiate with either jews or holocaustians ~ both proven liars and criminal hoaxers. Indeed, I was raised and taught better by my family. Also. I am well aware of the "holocaust denial" laws you jews and holocaustians like to hide behind.

I seriously doubt that the professional documentary I am interested in producing will include you.

Your jew Yoram though is a different matter. When he gets his permissions and proper permits to excavate; then a limited agreement can be discussed if the Revisionist Historians/ Revisionists as well as other experts involved think it necessary. My attorney tells me that a documentary for television and theatre presentation does require contractual mutual agreement. Again, I do not negotiate but will leave the later film up to others. If indeed Yoram does excavate.

Otherwise, funding a Revisionist excavation and having it professionally filmed is my plan.

My attorney has read this reply of yours and your attempt to create grounds for personal litigation as well as having Folk arrested for 'Caust denial are duly noted. Ie, references and inferences to events and people as "incitement" to violence against yourself, by making slanderous and litigious assumption which are concocted by you out of the jew addled depths of your brain which apparebtly include BDSM and other fetish type pornographic fantasies ~ things that you appear to be slobbering over in the hopes that it will happen; you craven pervert.

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