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Originally Posted by Greg Gerdes View Post
No EG huh Rabbi?


Well, hopefully we will get an upate from her soon.

Now rerardo, we're still wainting for you to answer the following:

Where did the soil came from for the "huge mountain of human remains."
I didnīt know anyone had called the "ash mountain" monument a "huge mountain of human remains", first of all. Must be Gerdes fantasy at work again.

Second, the information I have about the origin of the soil in that "ash mountain", which reportedly contains human ashes and bone fragments, is that it was soil dug up by robbery diggers in the area of the Sobibor mass graves after the war. But itīs not the first time that Iīm telling you this, IIRC.

Third, a general question: who the fuck do you think you are to ask questions, make demands and claim youīre "waiting" for this and that?

If you were prepared to respond to questions and attend demands yourself, you might be entitled to ask questions and make demands yourself. But as you dodge all questions you are asked and ignore all demands that are made on you, I donīt see on what basis you can consider yourself entitled to throw around questions and demands yourself.

That applies all the more as youīre a liar whose lies I ceased to care counting long ago, a whimpering coward and an obvious hoaxer, as last and most prominently shown by your having failed, after all your bigmouthed bragging laden with invective and threats, to honor our appointment at Sobibor on 15.10.2008.

There are many questions I would have liked to ask you on site, in front of a running camera. Questions such as what, if not a bone fragment, this object:

or this one:

is supposed to be.

But you weaseled out under the lame pretext that you were afraid of being arrested like Toben, moreover after heavy-handedly challenging German authorities to give you the Toben treatment, see my post no. 1525 under .

So whoever still had a sliver of doubt that your NAFCASH challenge is a hoax, and you donīt intend to pay a cent to anybody no matter what evidence is shown to you, can be in doubt no longer after this instructively characterless behavior of yours.

All the above, Mr. Gerdes, makes you a slimy little worm so low that I donīt intend to spend any time on you anymore. Youīll get my invitation to witness the results of core drilling/excavation in mass graves in the Sobibor area, if such core drilling/excavation should take place, and of course I shall submit evidence resulting from such core drilling/excavation to SKEPTIC magazine and inform you thereof for the purpose of your fraudulent "challenge", but other than that youīll be on ignore from now on. For news on whatīs happening at Sobibor you are referred to the RODOH forum (where in the Reference section under you will soon find a post with links to the above and many other photos from my trip to Sobibor) and the HC blog under (where I shall write an article about this trip as soon as Iīm back from Germany, where I am writing from now).

That is, unless you expressly undertake to henceforth answer my questions and address my arguments, like I have addressed what piss-poor "arguments" you have presented (they boil down to repetitive and unimaginative variations of your "not one this-and-that" rhetoric) and answered your irrelevant to idiotic questions to the best of my knowledge.

I look forward to a statement in the above sense until same time tomorrow, Mr. Gerdes. The absence of such statement will be construed as your also considering our conversation finished.

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