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Poor Gerdes lets fly with more of his inane blather, laden with self-projecting invective (his obvious obsession with homosexuality, effeminacy and mental retardation keeps telling us what problems of his own he is struggling with, as does inveterate liar Gerdes' calling his opponent a liar and whimpering coward Gerdes' calling his opponent a coward) and his "letís see", "not one", "what are you waiting for", "what part of the word 'proof' do you not understand" (the one who obviously has understanding problems here is Gerdes alone, who seems to think that only "scientific" proof, whatever he means by that, qualifies as proof for forensic or historical purposes), "weíre still waiting for", and other repetitive rhetoric, which has been slapped around his ears many times before.

He so does instead of, as he should, answering to my question whether or not he is prepared to comply with the conditions for our conversation to continue, as stated in my post # 1536 and and repeated in my post # 1615 under , from which the following quote is taken:

5. As to what Iím waiting for, Gerdes is invited to re-read the last two paragraphs of my post # 1536 under :

That is, unless you expressly undertake to henceforth answer my questions and address my arguments, like I have addressed what piss-poor "arguments" you have presented (they boil down to repetitive and unimaginative variations of your "not one this-and-that" rhetoric) and answered your irrelevant to idiotic questions to the best of my knowledge.

I look forward to a statement in the above sense until same time tomorrow, Mr. Gerdes. The absence of such statement will be construed as your also considering our conversation finished.
Bar an express undertaking to henceforth answer my questions and address my arguments, Gerdes remains on ignore, as announced in that same post. He can entertain himself boring Slanim with the same "letís see this-and-that", "not one this-and-that" and "what are you waiting for" Ė baloney that I have been slapping around his ears since the beginning of our discussions Ė while cowardly dodging Slanimís questions as he dodged so many questions of mine, of course.
So stinking liar and coward Gerdes remains on ignore.

Except, that is, for the following questions, which I of course don't think the stinking liar and coward will have the guts to answer:

Do you confirm that you are identical with this "Celtic_Patriot" character portrayed below, Mr. Gerdes?

If so, we have another reason why the NAFCASH reward remains unclaimed, perhaps the most important one: who in his or her right mind would take a $ 100,000 reward offer from such a character seriously?

If not, then what do you look like, Mr. Gerdes?

Letís see your face, if itís not the one above.

Whoever intends to apply for your $ 100,000 reward has a legitimate interest in knowing the aspect of who he is dealing with.

And whoever is seriously offering a $ 100,000 reward should have no problem with showing his face to potential reward applicants.

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