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Found this source:

Analysis: The American election

From The Jewish Chronicle

Shmuel Rosner

November 6, 2008

The Jews set to play a central role in Obama's administration

President-elect Barack Obama has yet to name his cabinet, but the identity of at least two of the most powerful members of his personal staff is already certain.

For the job of White House Chief-of-Staff, he has selected Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel. Mr Emanuel, who entered Congress in 2003, was credited with masterminding the Democratic Party's recapture of the House in the 2006 mid-term elections. Although he is on the left side of the political divide, his father, who was born in Jerusalem, was a member of the Irgun underground in the years before Israel's independence. Mr Emanuel, who went to a Jewish day school in Chicago, was the inspiration for Josh Lyman, the deputy White House Chief of Staff in the West Wing.

Another friend of Mr Obama's from Chicago, former journalist and political consultant David Axelrod, is also tipped for a senior adviser role in the new administration. Mr Axelrod was the chief strategist on the Obama presidential campaign, credited with devising tactics both during the Democratic primaries and in the push for the Presidency, and he has been advising the President-elect since his run for the Illinois State Senate in 2004.

All the main candidates for the crucial job of Treasury Secretary, the man who will have to deal with the global financial crisis, are Jewish. They include Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, who both held the job in the Clinton Administration, former president of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Tim Geithner and even New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is mentioned as an outside candidate.

Former Secretary of the Navy, Richard Danzig, has been tipped as a possible Secretary of Defence or National Security Adviser, as has Jim Steinberg, who was a deputy adviser in the Clinton years. John Kitzhaber, the former Oregon Governor, is a candidate for the post of Health Secretary, and Penny Pritzker, who was the finance chairman of Obama's campaign, is mentioned as a possible Commerce Secretary. California Congresswoman Jane Harman is being touted as the next Homeland Security Secretary or the head of the CIA. It is still unclear whether Mr Obama has a candidate for the thankless task of Middle East envoy. His foreign affairs advisers include former envoy Dennis Ross and former ambassador to Israel and Egypt Dan Kertzer. But neither are likely to be interested in a return to active diplomacy.