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Roberto Muehlenkamp

On to my old friend Gerdes …

What did he do in response to my post # 1754 under ?

Did he finally post the one short statement that is required to break the "ignore" deadlock and get my discussion with him on this forum going again? You know, the one that reads:

"I am prepared to, from now on, also answer questions and respond to challenges myself, and to address my opponent’s arguments and the evidence presented by my opponent (all of it)."

Of course not.

Fatso Gerdes:

it too much a

to post this simple statement.

The stinking liar and whimpering coward only did what I expected him to do: in his post # 1755 to # 1757, he copied and pasted yet another repetition of the imbecilic, irrelevant and largely if not mostly already answered crap that he has been hiding behind ever since my post # 1536 under .

So the ignore situation remains as concerns discussions on this forum.

However, I take advantage of this opportunity to comment about Gerdes’ latest antics on the "CODOH Revisionist Forum", for the cowardly fish-wife again went bitching about me on a forum where, as he well knows, I am not allowed to post.

On the CODOH thread , on Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:25, the lowly piece of garbage, who is apparently to dumb to even spell my name correctly after all this time, produced the gem I will enjoy shredding hereafter.

Originally Posted by Gerdes
I'm sorry to have to admit this, but I just looked at the HC (hysterical cowards) site, and found this gem from Muehlenkamp himself.

Seems it's admitting that no bodies have ever been located - ergo - all the claims of doing so by Kola & Co. are fraudulent.


"So why has no-one found those millions of Jews - transported to Auschwitz, Chelmno and the Reinhardt camps - that deniers claim were resettled in Soviet territory?"
First of all, our self-projecting hysterical coward has again shown that he is not a very attentive reader. The article he is quoting from, with the link http://holocaustcontroversies.blogsp...-jews-not.html , was written not by me but by my fellow blogger Jonathan Harrison.

Second, Gerdes’ "admitting" nonsense displays a capacity for wishful thinking that is outstanding even in "Revisionist" circles, or a fathomless stupidity, or both. In asking why no surviving Jews supposedly moved onward from certain camps and resettled in Soviet territory have been found, historians and other reasonable researchers are not admitting anything. They are just approaching the events in question from another angle, that of negative evidence. There is the positive evidence, which consists of documents, eyewitness testimonies and physical traces showing that a certain number of people were deported to certain places and murdered there. And there is the negative evidence, which consists of an absence of any indications that the deportees were taken anywhere else after arriving at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor or Treblinka let alone that they were still alive at the end of the war, even though all logic and life experience tells us that there should be lots of not only indications but very conclusive evidence if these people – about 2 ½ million in total for all five camps – had actually been transported onward and resettled in Nazi-occupied Soviet territory. Historians and other reasonable researchers look at both the positive and the negative evidence. For if the positive and the negative evidence match – as they do in what concerns events at the Nazi extermination camps – the events in question can be considered proven beyond any doubt.

Originally Posted by Gerdes
Please notice how Muehlenkamp is trying to have it both ways. But then again, self deception is the only way for these freaks to try and keep this cognitive illusion going.
What’s that supposed to mean? I don't think Gerdes knows himself.

The issue is simple: all known evidence shows that these people were killed, while on the other hand there’s no evidence suggesting that they were not killed, and that although there would be much of the latter if they had not been killed. So the only reasonable conclusion is that these people were killed. That shouldn’t be too hard to understand, even for a sparrow-brained creature like Gerdes.

Originally Posted by Gerdes
Orwell called it doublethinking - I'd say it's mental illness.
I’d say Gerdes knows as much about Orwell and what Orwell called double-thinking as a pig does about Sunday, and that if any of us two has amply shown that he’s missing a lot of screws inside his skull, it is Gerdes.

Originally Posted by Gerdes
Why won't he just show us all the alleged bodies in all the alleged "huge mass graves" and get it over with?
Actually I have shown all those bodies, by any reasonable standards. For the only reasonable conclusion that can be derived from the evidence listed in my posts # 172 under , # 194 under , # 777 under and # 1242 under , as well as my blog article update under and its predecessors, is that well over a million people (about 150,000 at each Chelmno and Sobibor, 430,000 at Belzec and 750,000 at Treblinka) lie buried, mostly as ashes and bone fragments, in mass graves at Chelmno, Sobibor, Belzec and Treblinka that have been largely identified by archaeologists and/or criminal investigators and of which some (the Sobibor mass graves numbered 2, 3, 4 and 6 by Prof. Andrzej Kola in 2001) can even be made out with the naked eye on a satellite photo (ironically provided by self-defeating dumb fuck Gerdes himself, by the way):

And if permission for excavations in the Sobibor mass grave areas should be granted by the Polish government and I should be allowed to accompany these excavations starting next spring, I will also be able to take photographs and make films showing lots of human ashes, bone fragments, bones and bodies in wax-fat transformation found in the soil of Sobibor. I’d like to see poor Gerdes’ face when that happens. What is more, I’d like him to be on site when human remains in amounts far exceeding those required to qualify for his NAFCASH reward (which only a hopeless sucker would of course expect this kind of fellow: to pay no matter how much physical evidence he is shown) come to the surface.

Originally Posted by Gerdes
Because he can't even locate / prove the existence of one single "huge mass grave" that contains so much as 1/10 of 1% of the alleged mass murder.
As I said before, Gerdes’ capacity for wishful thinking is outstanding even in the cloud-cuckoo-land of "Revisionist" faith. As are his cowardice, his mendacity, his stupidity and his overall obnoxiousness.

Gerdes’ CODOH crap commented above was applauded by some of his fellow clowns, including a retarded Greek joker who calls himself "KostasL" and feebly tries to bait me with an instructively infantile custom signature.

If "KostasL" had a pair (which he obviously has not), he would engage me on this forum or on RODOH, instead of bitching around about me in "Hannover" Hargis warm and cozy Führerbunker, where I am not allowed to post.

And if Gerdes had a pair (which he has amply shown not to be the case), he would link his fellow CODOH clowns to this thread and post and invite "KostasL" to have a chat with me right here.

It is hard to believe sometimes what a bunch of cowardly fish-wives "Revisionists" tend to be. I wonder who they expect not to despise them on account of their behavior.