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Woodpecker The Rules

Here are the very basic forum rules as established by Alex Linder.

Most of the rules are already known by everyone but I'm just compiling them into one thread for easy access. Following them shouldn't be a problem for most members.

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
I'm NOT saying I will ban every time I see one of the guidelines butchered, I'm saying that if I see enough of this from a poster I'll kick him out, just because, after several years of experience, I think this will improve the forum.
Required reading:

1. Register with a normal sounding name -- No fantasy names, for example don't register with something like Hitler88 or JewKiller2000.

2. No porn -- A tit shot now and then is ok, but no stronger. This is not a sex/porn forum, go elsewhere for that.

3. Nothing illegal

4. No outing -- Do not post the personal information (full name/address/photo) of any VNN member unless they have already made their information publicly available to the forum or they allow you to post it.

5. Do not call someone a jew unless you can prove it. That goes for informer/grass/state agent/fed too. As well as pedophile/murderer/rapist/race-mixer, etc. We won't tolerate these character smears, so don't make bogus claims unless you can back them with evidence. Your opinion is not evidence.

6. No disrupting activism threads - admins will notify members where this rule obtains.

7. No spamming the board -- includes not just obvious spam, but repeatedly posting 'funny' cartoons or videos that aren't related to the thread subject.

8. No sockpuppets -- Sockpuppet accounts will be deleted and your main account may be banned too.

9. No nudity in avatars -- read here

10. Don't repeatedly bump long dead threads with off topic garbage -- If your going to bump an old thread at least be commenting on the original topic. Repeatedly bumping old threads is looked down upon

In general, be serious. Don't make loose accusations. Don't lie. If you break these rules, you will either get a warning, then stuck in the Tard Corral, or, if your offense is egregious, simply banned.

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