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White Authority and Jewish indoctrination. It's for sure that Jewish indoctrination has displaced White authority. We can talk about the methods the Jews use from now until the earth stops spinning, but the fact is Jewish psychology has replaced white authority - with the very powerful tools of media and the entertainment industry. The masses love being entertained. This makes them willing fools and the Jews are laughing up their sleeves at the easy pickings.

I read where Alex mentioned that women have tiny brains. Then I read a post about all the women who supported Hitler and were loyal to him and of course, I have always known that women, some of them rich, gave to the purse Judas carried and were among the most loyal followers of Jesus Christ.

Hitler said women naturally wanted their masters. Does that describe it? Personally, I think - for whatever reason - it is because women need authority. They are drawn to authority. Authority is essential to the well being of women and that is why they are drawn to it, will unstintingly support it and be loyal to it. Jesus and Hitler were the epitome of authority.

Men are authority. A husband is the authority in a marriage, a father is the authority of a family, white men are the authority of the white race. Without authority women are prey to Jewish indoctrination which their minds absorb like a sponge. There is nothing to block it. Likewise with the White Race. Without authority the white race is victimized by Jewish indoctrination.

Indoctrination can only work in the absence of authority.

The masses are not drawn to Jewish psychology. It's because that is nearly all that is available to them. It is a hidden and insidious mechanism that seeps into their subconscious without their knowledge. If circumstances were different white people would vomit it out of their mouths. But as things stand, we who understand the process, find it very hard to penetrate that indoctrination. People are not merely asleep, they are drugged by Jewish indoctrination.

Indoctrinated relatives are a pain to deal with. They disrupt the household. They make disastrous decisions that not only cripple their own lives but create misery for the people who love them. (Like Obama's mother.) Indoctrinated individuals are misery makers. They think they are intelligent, exciting, modern, and more progressive than well grounded people stuck in old stogy white authority. They are knuckleheads, of course. But there are millions of them - the Knucklehead Brigade!

Until the masses understand the indoctrination process they are not going to get over it. They would be astonished to think that Jews control their minds. It would shock them to realized they are not looked on as smart or exciting or progressive, but merely indoctrinated fools of the Jews.

Why not tell them they are indoctrinated? Point out how they are being indoctrinated. Why not tell them they would not be creating pain for their families and their race and their culture if they were not indoctrinated by Jewish psychology? Why not tell them the decisions they make that create turmoil within their families and destroys the heritage of white children is because Jews replaced white authority with Jewish indoctrination? (They honestly think the people who love them are against them for doing what they have the right to do!)

Can these people raise anymore hell than they are already doing?

Giving information about the Jews also needs to point out how we are molding ourselves to Jewish indoctrination which is unnatural and abnormal as well as unintelligent, destructive and certainly not the way white people normally think, act and behave.
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