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Originally Posted by TheGreenMan
Most sensible people will fully agree with points 2,3, and 4.

As for point 1 which you raise: Hitlers fight against Norway, Denmark, France, Belgium, Holland, Wales , Scotland and England was the type of 'defence' for his country that only a nutcase would make. Hitlers declaration ofWar on the USA, you will argue was attacking the jews in America ? - but most Americans who do not give a stuff about the interests of the jew were targetted too by Hitler with his grandiose declarations. I blame it on his physician Dr Morel and his haemorrhoid physician Dr Brandt for pumping Hitler too full of dope and Heroin.

Hitler's socialist Ally Russia (until the two 'socialist love birds' Adolf and Stalin fell out in 1941 and had a tiff when the disastrous Operation Barbarossa was initiated) - initially only succeeded in jointly destroying the White nation of Poland - due to the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact.

In 1939 in trying to carve Poland up in the name of Socialism; Half of Poland for Hitlers rightwing Socialist Empire, Half of Poland for Stalins leftwing Socialist Empire - both the Soviets and the Nazis underestimated the fighting skill of the Polish people.

2. Oh yes Britain did defend Poland and at least Britain had the balls to do so;
unlike the American Ambassador to the UK who advised Britain to surrender to Hitler, an asshole called Kennedy from that same disastrous Boston clan who was so far up Hitlers arsehole he could probably see the Fuehrers tonsils vibrating up ahead of him .

Hitlers planned liquidation of the Poles would have been supplemented by planned liquidation of every other poor bugger who was not German. Churchill had the prescience to understand that and did a great job for the people of Britain and prevented the future liquidation of the English, Scottish and Welsh on the mainland UK.

3.Germany proved it was the aggressor - in Norway, Denmark, France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Crete, Holland, Wales , Scotland and England all got a taste of it, as did Russia Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, and other eastern states.

4.Germany (or at least the mono-orchidal Morphine addict Mr Hitler) proved it was indeed a danger to Europe as the Max-Planck Institute research into the German Atom bomb tended to show also.

With potential 'leaders' like the squirty myopic 'little Heinrich' Himmler (whom Hitler himself stripped of his rank for spinlessness and treason), and fatboy Goering - the whole of Europe sure had a near miss .

One disaster created by Hitler was to enable Communism to enter the heart of Europe, and today we see his indirect legacy - the Paki'isation of Europe.

In all the revolutions from 1917 to 1922,. Communism had only taken a bare toehold in Russia. After Hitlers alliance withStalin (THe Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact) Communism by late 1945 had swept into control in East Germany, the Balkan States, Poland, Czechoslovakia and other European countries. Hitler fucked up big time and lead to the loss of millions of white lives (and nope theywerentall jews who took the bullet).

5. If Hitler knew the truth, wouldnt he have had had the balls to go down in a fight hand-to-hand versus the 'Red Beast' invading Berlin, a soldier's death or at least fought to have resisted capture ubtil the last bullet was spent (instead of the Prima Donna's death of using a bullet on himself instead).
Britain cared NOTHING about Poland and neither did France. You obviously don't have a clue what the real purpose of those alliances were. Britain and France created the pacts with Poland to HOLD DOWN German power in Europe. It was a way of keeping Germany weak so that France and Britain could be the big Empires of Europe instead of the Germans. It's all about EGO competition, buddy. Drop the noble British Empire nonsense, no one here is believing it. Oh yes, the "noble" Brits who wanted to keep Italy weak so that the Royal Navy could control the selfless of the British.