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Before the outbreak of war in 1939. The French made such an effort to attack Germany’s "West Wall", which was little more than a propaganda label, that German pressure on the Poles could not be relieved. The Poles put up a valiant struggle, only to be stabbed in the back by the Soviet Union, which also murdered some 15,000 Polish officers and buried their bodies at Katyn. if the Poles had a government acting in terms of Polish interests in 1939, they would have made an alliance with Germany, rather than goading Hitler into a war he did not want.

Germans and Poles became enemies, for that is not how they got started in the 20th century. Hitler got along with Marshall Pilsudski, ", but after his death, the Polish government was apparently taken over by those who were Allied stooges and who wished to force war upon Germany, at the behest of the British, primarily. "Poland and the Lies of the Allies""refers to British Foreign Office archives in which the British virtually deeded Poland over to the Soviet Union, before the outbreak of war in 1939.

The next pivotal year was 1941, in which Germany attacked the Soviets, before they could attack all of Europe. Stalin assumed that the German forces were all on the Channel coast, preparing to invade Britain, as suggested by Operation Sealion, but instead, the German forces were massing in Poland, under the Soviets' noses. read "The Icebreaker"

"The Icebreaker", Hitler's Germany was supposed to attack Britain, thereby drawing its forces to the Channel Coast, which would have allowed Djugashvili alias Stalin to invade and conquer all of Europe. Instead of allowing that to happen, Hitler used his forces to attack the hordes of the USSR, as was his stated intention in his "Secret Book" which Hitler had written in 1928, but did not publish for obvious reasons, for Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany in January 1933, and it would have been folly for him to publish his intention of securing farmland from Red Russia!