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Frank Toliver

It is a deep feeling of being destroyed and not being able to do anything when you see a beautiful white woman who has been taught it's cool and meaningful to give yourself to the lowest 2 legged life form on the planet. I saw this the other day, a gorgeous young white girl with a run of the mill nigger in a shit car, and it solidified in me that only our men deserve our women, women need to be protected from both physical and emotional dangers, and that I could see the end of an entire race of people and be joyous.

It has not changed since the tribal days. Women want what they are told has value, and they are born with power (their body) and need not do any work questioning what they are told.

Seeing such a disgusting event over and over has made me callous, and hard.
I look forward to the days when the collapse comes (and it is coming) I will wash the ground with my enemies' help.
Channon and Chris; gone but not forgotten.

Fuck you hippie, you are the system.

Jews are not just a race or just a religion; they are a race who worship themselves religiously.