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10,000 Russian Nationalists March in Moscow against Nonwhite Invasion
Posted by TNO Staff— on November 5, 2013

At least 10,000 Russian nationalists took to the streets of Moscow yesterday to participate in the annual “Russian March” in that city.

Marchers ranged in age from young children to elderly men and women. According to reports, they chanted “Russia for Russians; Moscow for Moscovites” and about 80 participants were detained at one of the marches in the Moscow neighborhood of Lyublino.

Banners and placards blamed nonwhite invaders for pushing up the crime rate and undermining the Russian economy.

“Why are there foreigners in our cities? This is our home,” said a young woman on the march who identified herself only as Nadezhda.

Another man with a young child on his shoulders said simply: “We are all Russians here. Kids have nothing to be afraid of.”

The demonstration took place in the same region on the city’s outskirts that saw riots break out three weeks ago over a deadly stabbing blamed on a nonwhite from Azerbaijan.

Then, a crowd of thousands attacked central Asian stallholders and other obvious nonwhites in the city, provoking a major clash with the police.

A UN report in September said Russia has about 11 million migrants. Russia is visa-free for all Central Asian republics, so most of the migrant workers are in Russia legally.

Nationalist demonstrators carry a banner reading: “We demand the start of the visa regime with Caucasus and Central Asia.”

Nationalist demonstrators carry banners reading: “Russians and Russian power to Russia.”

Nationalist demonstrators carry a banner reading: “Today a Mosque — tomorrow Jihad.”