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No museum of jewish crimes in Washington would be complete without exhibits on massive third world immigration and the civil rights legislation of 1964, which are the main forces behind the "soft" genocide of whites in the US. There would be sections dedicated to all of the jews and jewish organizations involved, including Cellar, Javitz, Schlei, Pfeffer, Schumer, B'nai B'rith, the ADL etc. A section dedicated to fully documenting the jewish role in the civil rights movement of the sixties would also be established.

Next, the various effects of these policies would be documented in other sections, such as one devoted to the Hispanicisation of the American southwest and the ethnic balkanization of America. The negative effects of this immigration and how it is depressing wages, living standards and the white fertility rate, leading to white genocide in the US, will be extensively documented. Another section would deal with rising nigger crime and the many thousands of white deaths at the hands of niggers since the civil rights act of 1964, leading to a nigger reign of terror over whites that persists to this day.