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ADL Working With Leading Internet Giants, Top Social Media Outlets To Combat “Hate Speech”

March 13, 2016 Realist Report 6 comments

The Anti-Defamation League, easily the most subversive, anti-American organization masquerading as a “civil rights” group operating on U.S. soil today, has a long history of combating “anti-Semitism” and “hate speech,” which in reality amounts to speech critical of Jews and their tyrannical, anti-White agenda. In short, the ADL (and the organized Jewish community generally) works tirelessly to shut down any sort of criticism or exposure of their subversive, destructive activities. Telling the truth about the Jews and making basic, factual statements about their agenda is fundamentally “anti-Semitic.”

As we’ve previously reported, the ADL has partnered with Twitter, the social media giant, and other leading Internet companies in an effort to shut down speech they view as harmful to Jewish interests. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has even boldly demanded that governments around the world regulate social media platforms in an effort to combat and ultimately ban “anti-Semitism” and “incitement of violence,” which we also reported on here at The Realist Report.

As I noted at the time:

The organized Jewish community is literally demanding national governments around the world and private social media and web hosting companies cater to their feelings and tyrannical, anti-free speech agenda. Anyone criticizing or exposing Jews must be shut down.

In a nutshell, the Jews are openly and brazenly attempting to destroy the revolutionary nature of the Internet, which allows people like me (and many, many others) to compete with, expose, debunk, and offer alternatives to the Jewish monopoly on information, mass media, and historical perspective. Think about that.
To further underscore and document the organized Jewish community’s desire to regulate the Internet and prevent legitimate and factual criticisms of their subversive agenda from reaching the masses, we have this report published by Access ADL, the official blog of the Jewish supremacist organization, describing the ADL’s participation in the Online Harassment Summit at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas which is currently taking place:

On March 12, the Anti-Defamation League will play a key role at the first South by South*west (SXSW) Online Harass*ment Sum*mit. In a series of pan*els at this day-long event, the Sum*mit will focus atten*tion on var*i*ous man*i*fes*ta*tions of hate online, includ*ing every*thing from cyber*bul*ly*ing to the sale of offen*sive mer*chan*dise to hate speech on social media to online extrem*ist recruit*ment and pro*pa*ganda. The over*ar*ch*ing goal will be to iden*tify the most effec*tive strate*gies to counter all of these forms of cyberhate.

ADL rep*re*sen*ta*tives at the Sum*mit will all focus on the Anti-Defamation League’s rec*om*mended approach to respond to hate online. That approach, sim*ply stated, is that all of us – those in the indus*try who cre*ate the plat*forms and the tools, and those of us who use them – have a shared respon*si*bil*ity to pre*vent hate online when*ever pos*si*ble and to respond effec*tively when we encounter it.

There are two key com*po*nents to this approach: indus*try best prac*tices and effec*tive coun*ter*speech. ADL’s experts will empha*size these two com*po*nents on five sep*a*rate pan*els at SXSW:
  • Indus*try Inno*va*tion and Social Respon*si*bil*ity – fea*tur*ing ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt;
  • How Far Should We Go to Pro*tect Hate Speech Online? – fea*tur*ing ADL Senior Vice Pres*i*dent for Pol*icy and Pro*grams Deb*o*rah Lauter;
  • Respond and Pro*tect; Expert Advice Against Online Hate – fea*tur*ing ADL Assis*tant Direc*tor for Cyber*hate Response Jonathan Vick;
  • Pro*fil*ing a Troll: Who They Are and Why They Do It – fea*tur*ing the Direc*tor of ADL’s Cen*ter on Extrem*ism Oren Segal; and
  • Tech and the United Front Against Online Hate – featuring ADL Deputy Director of Policy and Programs Steven Freeman. […]

To address the industry’s responsibility, ADL has published a set of Best Practices intended to serve as a guide*post. In a nutshell, these Best Practices call for platforms to ensure that their relevant guidelines on hateful content are clear, that mechanisms to flag such con*tent are user-friendly, that they will review and respond promptly to flagged con*tent, and that they con*tinue efforts to develop new technological tools that could help them iden*tify a greater per*cent*age of the prob*lem*atic con*tent by themselves.

To address the respon*sibil*ity of users, work*ing together with the indus*try, ADL has recom*mended that var*i*ous coun*ter*speech initiatives be given the high*est pri*or*ity. These include, but are not lim*ited to, edu*ca*tional pro*grams, iden*ti*fy*ing and encour*ag*ing promi*nent voices to speak out, and cre*at*ing start-ups and new ven*tures designed to assist vic*tims in reclaim*ing a safe space online.

In advance of the Sum*mit, ADL is pleased that ask.fm, Qui*zlet and Whis*per have agreed to join such major play*ers as Face*book, Google, Microsoft, Twit*ter, Yahoo and YouTube in endors*ing the Best Prac*tices. We will be ask*ing oth*ers to fol*low their lead, at SXSW and after*wards. Those who part*ner with us will send a mes*sage that it is pos*si*ble to con*front cyber*hate effec*tively, pro*tect*ing the free flow of ideas that lies at the core of the Inter*net while at the same time ensur*ing that every*one can freely par*tic*i*pate in this unique forum with*out fear and with*out risk*ing their per*sonal safety or well-being.
You have to tip your hat to the organized Jewish community – they work hard at what they do, and they almost always get their way.

Notice how the ADL frames this issue – combating “online hate” – in moralistic terms, as if what they are doing is beneficial and indeed necessary for everyone’s safety and well-being. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, as the ADL is primarily concerned with advancing Jewish interests and shutting down any form of opposition to their Marxist, anti-White agenda.

In a sane world, this subversive organization would be shut down immediately, especially given the fact that the ADL blatantly violated their 501c3 status recently by attacking Donald Trump and interfering in the U.S. political process.