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Many on the Alt-Right believe their “memes” are enough to change the discourse. To an extent, they are correct in that the intelligent use of social media has been instrumental in the growth and empowerment of the national dissident movement. The huge bind spot in the thesis of the people who dismiss traditional political organizing for internet activism shows one thing: all of the platforms we use to disseminate are message are run by Jews, or answer to them. Once your free speech starts to make difference, it will be taken away…and then what?

I have been closely monitoring the transition of Jewish propaganda power from increasingly irrelevant traditional media to social media. In the last five years or so, the situation has become alarming, and the right to free expression on these public goods (regardless of what libertarians argue) has its days numbered–whatever last remnants of free speech exist on these platforms is solely due to the logistical problems of policing different views.

The Zionist monopoly of Google (Larry Page, Sergey Brin) , whose subsidiaries have no tolerance for different political or historical views, as well as CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook , are two of the worst offenders. Reddit and Twitter, the only two Gentile run social media networks of note, continue to be the freest, but at least in the case of Reddit, major investment from Jewish co-owned financial firms like Andreesen-Horowitz coincided with attempts to crackdown on Semitically Incorrect sub-Reddits that thankfully sparked outcry and resistance from the community. Twitter, which has also gone public, has similarly become increasingly hostile to criticisms of Jews. As Jews pour and more money into buying up or becoming shareholders in the biggest social media entities, free expression for anyone outside of political minorities using force to impose themselves on the majority will decline just as quickly.

European Jewry Makes Its Move

A coalition of Jewish and homosexual activist organization led by France’s “Union of Jewish Students” NGO has succeeded in litigating for highly restrictive new speech regulations on Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft and Google affiliates, etc in order to operate in the European Union. These corporations of course claim they simply have to follow the law of the nations in which they operate (including censoring criticism of Erdogan in Turkey), though curiously enough don’t do so in Iran .

The new EU rules will call on social media platforms to be able to shut down satire (such as Dieudonne’s comedy), silence discourse about the Second World War, eliminate meaningful criticism of Israel, and put an end to complaints of Europeans being raped or beaten by immigrants in the historically unprecedented “refugee crisis” that have undermined the mass media’s propaganda narrative. Most of these things are already banned by Facebook and YouTube (including in the United States, where it is legal), but because of the scope and volume of content uploaded, the European Union will be demanding a task force–almost certainly composed of tyrannical Jews–in order to censor speech Jews find threatening to their political power in under 24 hours, in fear that someone might see it. Of course the stated motive is to “combat terrorism” so as to get it under the radar, but reading the details of the lawsuit and the examples the Jewish plaintiffs have given, we see what the real intention is.

So post your final Pepe’s and pretend Sweden’s 68 IQ Somalis are on the brink of imposing Sharia law, because if you think things are bad now, wait for Judah to fully transition from orthodox press to social media. It is Talmudic law, and no other kind, that you need to fear, and the only way to combat it is by marching in the streets and pressuring the system to respect our civil liberties–or else.

But hey, if you still think the “internet struggle” and “dank memes” should be the ends rather than the means, they will happily trot out Glenn Beck to speak on your, and all “right-wingers”, behalf.

Choose wisely.