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Stewart Meadows

More members of the jewish SJW group Avodah:

Marisa Hoffman:

She joined Avodah because she felt the urgency to act after the 2016 election and saw an opportunity for growth both Jewishly and through social justice!

Shaul Elson:

Shaul is a recent graduate of Yeshiva University, where he studied English and creative writing(...) Shaul was driven to join Avodah so that he could spend a year working to help make communities in NYC and the Jewish world more nurturing and mindful places. In these truly bewildering times, nothing is more urgent.

Dena Lipper:

Dena joined Avodah to learn more about the connections between Judaism and social justice

Lydia Lichtiger:

Lydia Lichtiger is from the NYC suburbs (...) and is excited to continue thinking and learning about religion and spirituality and its connection to social justice.