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Stewart Meadows

Here's the jewish "artist" Natali Cohen Vaxberg who films herself while defecating (pooping) on the various flags of the world. The Israeli authorities didn't seem to have a problem with her "art" until she chose to defecate on the Israeli flag. That was too much for them, so they arrested her:

Activist to be indicted for defecating on Israeli flag

Controversial Israeli performance artist Natali Cohen Vaxberg is reportedly set to be charged over a video she filmed of herself defecating on the Israeli flag two years ago. (...) features her in a bathroom squatting over and defecating on various national flags from the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Americas, including those of Israel and the Palestinians. The video is overlaid with music by classical composer Frederic Chopin.

And here's the jewish scat pornographer Ira Isaacs who makes movies in which women eat excrement (poop) and have sex with animals:

In 2008 Isaacs was brought to trial in Los Angeles, California on federal obscenity charges for videos featuring scatology and bestiality. At issue were obscene films sold between May 2004 and October 2006: Gang Bang Horse "Pony Sex Game," Mako's First Time Scat, Hollywood Scat Amateurs No. 7, and BAE 20 (also titled Avantgarde Extreme).[5] The prosecution alleged that the films are obscene, and have no artistic merit. Isaacs claimed the films have both artistic and political value.

God's chosen people...