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This is fascinating-

I've always heard talk that Walt Disney was an anti-semite- I've also heard the talk of Disney being involved in mind control and some dark stuff. Honestly, I never paid any of it very much thought.

I'm sure that I probably watched Bambie and whatever as a kid but I dont remember or have any fond memories or nostalgia around it. By the time I was 12 I was a nerd who would rather read, play D&D or mess with a computer. I abhor movies/television and pretty much everything associated with those things... Including all the personalities.

The History of the nickelodeons, primitive porn, technology theft, communist takeover of Hollywood, Jewish mob taking over unions, HOUAA and everything else was just mindblowing- Of course, the Jew at the center of it all and creating a monopoly is the missing puzzle piece of history that this article succeeds in expressing... It all makes sense once you name the Jew.

Was Disney a good man? Probably not imho- I dont go too far down that rabbit hole but I believe he was probably involved in some messed up things. Regardless, I rooted for him while reading this because no matter what he was better than his opposition.

When Lindbergh was mentioned we were wondering if theres any thought as to Jews being behind the kidnapping?
imagine you create a beloved character called Aardvark Andy and some kike steals him and all subsidiaries thereof. and you lose YOUR character and YOUR money. and when you complain, you get called "anti-semite"

that's what all anti-semitism is. it's rational, reasoanble, natural objection to jewish behavior thru the ages, found everywhere from pole to pole, and not found nowhere