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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
imagine you create a beloved character called Aardvark Andy and some kike steals him and all subsidiaries thereof. and you lose YOUR character and YOUR money. and when you complain, you get called "anti-semite"

that's what all anti-semitism is. it's rational, reasoanble, natural objection to jewish behavior thru the ages, found everywhere from pole to pole, and not found nowhere
I totally agree-

'Anti-Semite' is as meaningless a word as 'racist' but thats the way I had heard him (and many others) described and the gist of the meaning was essentially 'Jew hater'... TBH , I dont care why he disliked the Jew since the valid reasons to dislike them are countless before they even do anything to someone on a personal level.

I've given up bothering with terms and meanings in todays environment- Anyone to the right of Marx is a 'nazi' so i've just embraced all the terms. I'm a racist , anti-semite myself =P

edit- Apologies if that made no sense- It made sense to me but i'm on pain meds (just had surgery)

Basically when I hear someone defined as 'anti-semitic' in context of todays environment, I assume it means they disliked Jews or Israel. To me its a signal that i'll probably agree with that person to some extent.

Sometime last year I gave up arguing terms- After being called an anti-semite for criticizing Israel and a racist for wanting borders i've just embraced the terms.

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