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Originally Posted by Oy Ze Hate View Post
Hey what are you complaining about? Just be glad the jewish advertising agency didn't put a nigger in there as the little bitch's boyfriend.
You do not think I have a right to complain? You see nothing wrong with this? Are you one of these people on here who hate everyone but can care less how whorish our women are and like the fact they show themselves off to the world? Do you not think I have a right, as a White Mother who has a White Daughter, to get pissed off and complain about this bs?

Yeah, you might not care, but I do. And so do all other WN Mothers who have daughters and fathers who have daughters who do not want them turning out like this.

Personally I can not see how one who is a WN could not even get slightly upset at this. Who cares if the dude was a nigger or not, at this stage it has nothing to do with it. It has to do with young girls saying absurd things in front of their white mothers who just go *no* and brush it off like "oh she is a teen this is what they do," like so many white mothers do nowadays. Maybe I am the only one raising hell about this stuff, please do forgive me if I am trying to ruin the porn agency but I find this crap wrong and in no way good for our daughters nor our sons.

Sometimes people need to snap out of it. What feels good to you now, only feels good because the jews said so. If no jews were around and women were acting and dressing properly, same with men, you would be much happier and you would cherish your wife's body moreso than now, as seeing as women's naked bodies are too common, therefore it makes womens bodies less cherishable as days go by.
jews do NOT deserve to have the letter 'j' capitalized, not even if it is the first word of a sentence.