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Took me awhile to get the point of the songs you chose. When I first heard that part, I thought you'd been hittin' de ganja pretty hard. But, after a second listen, I get it. The Jews are hypocrites because they don't mind the drug references in songs, or the femroid singing about running over her boyfriend/husband/fuck buddy with the pick-up truck, but they bristle over Axl Rose saying: "niggers".

Of course, it doesn't explain the inclusion of the country song by the chick about being happy all the time. Catchy tune, though.

One minor point: Not to be nitpicky, but the term that you really should use is "Khazarically-correct" *NOT* "Semitically-correct". The Jews arenn't "Semites", but the Arabs are, and using terms like "Semitic" and "anti-Semitic" only muddy the linguistic waters. If we describe ourselves as "anti-Semites", it gives the impression that we're anti-Arab, which we're not.

Grant it, "Khazarically-correct" doesn't have the same phonetic ring as "Semitically-correct", but there's a principle at stake. Don't help them perpetrate their LIE of being "the Chosen People" with your terminology.

BTW, that 'Andre" who called really sounded like a faggot, particularly at the beginning and end of the call. I'll admit that, to me, pretty much any Yankee male under the age of 50 or so, who doesn't have a really deep, gravelly voice sounds like a faggot, but still.......makes you wonder.