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Originally Posted by Mr. SlashN'Burn View Post
Grant it, "Khazarically-correct" doesn't have the same phonetic ring as "Semitically-correct", but there's a principle at stake. Don't help them perpetrate their LIE of being "the Chosen People" with your terminology.
Sephardic Jews are Semitic as are Palestinians. The word Semite is properly understood as a linguistic term and, as such, Ashkenazics are indeed Semites because they speak Hebrew.

Originally Posted by Mr. SlashN'Burn View Post
BTW, that 'Andre" who called really sounded like a faggot, particularly at the beginning and end of the call. I'll admit that, to me, pretty much any Yankee male under the age of 50 or so, who doesn't have a really deep, gravelly voice sounds like a faggot, but still.......makes you wonder.
Not sure what you are implying here. Andre is well known around VNN and is certainly not a fag.

We are 8% of the world population, dropping like a rock, and have a major kike infestation problem.