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Originally Posted by Wagner View Post
Sephardic Jews are Semitic as are Palestinians. The word Semite is properly understood as a linguistic term and, as such, Ashkenazics are indeed Semites because they speak Hebrew.

You may have a point there. I never really thought about it in linguistic, rather than racial terms.

Nonetheless, it really does tee me off, the way those Khazars pretend to be something they're not.

Not sure what you are implying here. Andre is well known around VNN and is certainly not a fag.

Nothing against the guy. Like I said, I'd never heard of him before. His voice was just kinda high and effeminate-sounding, so I thought he might've been a fag.


BTW, don't these posting rules really bite the big one??? 'Your message is too short-please lengthen message.' Wtf ever.