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Originally Posted by Dasyurus Maculatus
Merely quoting the comment that the German population had as they sat in ruins .

Unlike the ordinary German soldier, and I add that my father was a Gefreiter in the Wehrmacht in WW2 so I declare an interest: the three 'Golden Pheasants' as the German people called Hitler Himmler and Goering didnt have the balls to fight hand to hand with the 'Red Beast'. All three of them eventually killed themselves, rather than having the courage to go down in hand to hand fighting - the option that others chose. So much for being Ubermensch or Supermen.

Little Heinrich (Himmler) couldnt even shoot a water pistol properly.

The German people lost out as a result of Hitler and its country is a fragment of what it was. Ask the German people if Hitler is the embodiment of Germany - I know what the clear response will be.
And the lesson to us all about his existence: he was the only one to stand up and name the jew, blame the jew, and fight the jew. It wasn't Hilter that ruined Germany, it was the international power of the jew. If you want to blame Hitler for the rape of Germany, then you must surely blame it's attackers and not it's defenders. A few thousand square miles of Polish land stolen in WW1 does not justify the world declaring war on a country gone white nationalist.

The war was a long and complex thing. There is no time to discuss it's intricacies here. I like to boil things down anyway. So I must say, only the jew won WW2. Countless millions of dead whites and Israel the result, plus a big fat guilt trip/extortion racket known as the Holocaust.

Question: what's the first thing people think if you bring up WW2?

Answer: 6 million harmless, friendly, lovable neighborhood jews exterminated by a proud, thriving, successful Germany gone totally insane for no reason whatsoever.

What was the unholy alliance of Red Communism with Blue Capitalism else a jewish conspiracy to utterly destroy Germany. Immediately, literally speaking, after crushing German, the US and the Soviets, two very white nations of racial brothers, go into a 50 year long "cold war" of hatred, suspicion, and pointless antagonism. Why?

The jews is why.