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Originally Posted by MikeQuigley View Post
Or shoot him in the face with 00 buck shot.
This post isn't in response to the original post or poster and certainly not in response to the title of the thread. I've been the victim of black violence on several occasions but know of few young White thugs that are just as violent.

That said, here's the solution for close combat situations. The Taurus Judge. It comes in a variety of flavors. Mine is in stainless with 3" barrel and fires the 2.5" .410 shotgun shell as well as the .45 Long Colt cartridge. I keep the Winchester PDX1 self-defense .410 shotgun shells in it.

The PDX1 shells contain three (3) plated .36 caliber discs followed by 12 plated pieces of shot IN EACH SHELL. It's devastating at close range and one can hardly miss a target with this firearm and shell combination.

The Judge is an excellent firearm for the home or the car. The .410 self-defense shotgun shells available for it are good to about 21 feet. If you need accuracy beyond 21 feet then a cartridge based firearm would be a better solution. But the Judge can't be beat for close combat.

Demonstration fire of PDX1 .410 cartridge fired from Judge 3" barrel. Watermelon disappears.
(See also at 1:10 minutes to get an idea of the pattern of the discs and shot when fire onto a paper target.)

Would also be an excellent choice for a woman in the home or in the car although it's larger than a .40 S&W auto loader or a .38 special.
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