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Leo Frank Meets Hollywood: The Knights of Mary Phagan (2015) $12,000,000 Budget – IMDb

by CURATOR on JANUARY 1, 2015

From the IMDb Website: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3109010/

Atlanta, Georgia is rocked when thirteen-year-old Mary Phagan is found murdered inside the pencil factory where she worked. Leo Frank, the factory’s Jewish owner, is convicted and sentenced to hang. The town’s hunger for justice, fueled by racism and the fever of the trial, forces the governor to re-examine the verdict. As Frank’s wife fights for his freedom, others attempt to take the law into their own hands. Based on True Events. Written by Anonymous. [bolding of text added for emphasis]

Read the original:

The Knights of Mary Phagan (2015) – IMDb

Prerelease predictions about the “Knights of Mary Phagan” made in January 2015:

Without knowing anything about the script of the movie, we are making the following psychic predictions of what “Knights of Mary Phagan” will be all about.

1. The Knights of Mary Phagan Hollywood movie will grotesquely exaggerate the Leo Frank trial by transforming the proceedings into a kangaroo court mockery of injustice favoring the racist Jewish Supremacist narrative that Leo Frank was innocent and framed by anti-Semitic Gentile Southerners. However in real life: The presiding Judge Leonard Strickland Roan rejected Leo Frank’s appeal for a new trial on 107 grounds! The Georgia Supreme Court’s appeals records indicate Leo Frank not only had had a fair trial, but the evidence (especially Leo Frank’s statement to the jury) easily proved his guilt well beyond a reasonable doubt. The majority decision of the Georgia Supreme Court ruled Leo Frank had a fair trial. Every level of the United States System of Justice rejected Leo Frank’s frivolous appeals. When the corrupt Governor John Slaton commuted Leo Frank’s death sentence to life in prison on June 21, 1915, Slaton stated on the last page of his official clemency order that he was sustaining the judge, jury and appellate tribunals. When the Georgia Board of Pardon’s and Paroles issued Leo Frank a posthumous pardon on March 11, 1986, they stated so that, “Without attempting to address the question of guilt or innocence,” thus officially he was not absolved of his conviction for the Phagan murder.

2. The Knights of Mary Phagan Hollywood movie will omit the fact that Leo Frank, while seated on the witness-stand changed the murder alibi he had maintained for 3.5 months, and supposed himself in the metal-room bathroom using the men’s toilet at the back of the second floor, suggesting an explanation of why Monteen Stover found his business office unoccupied by him between 12:05 p.m. and 12:10 p.m., which is at the exact same time he had formerly claimed to Atlanta police that he was alone with Mary Phagan in his office. (see testimony of Monteen Stover, Leo Frank’s retort on the witness stand about an “unconscious” visit to the men’s toilet)

3. The Knights of Mary Phagan Hollywood movie will fail to inform the viewer that Governor John M. Slaton was senior law partner and co-owner of the lawfirm that represented Leo Frank at his summer of 1913 trial. Governor Slaton’s lawfirm was officially known as, ‘Rosser, Brandon (Jewish), *Slaton* and Phillips (Jewish)’ and that Slaton earned a full 25% share of all the money made during Leo Frank’s expensive trial and appeals.

4. The Knights of Mary Phagan Hollywood movie will fail to mention that: 1. Leo Frank told Atlanta police on Sunday morning, April 27, 1913, that Mary Phagan had entered his office at 12:03 p.m. on Saturday, April 26, 1913 – the day of the murder. The movie will also fail to mention that: 2. Leo Frank changed the time of Phagan’s arrival to “12:05 to 12:10pm, maybe 12:07pm”, in a deposition he made to Atlanta police at the Stationhouse on Monday morning, April 28, 1913 (State’s Exhibit B, 1913, Atlanta Constitution, August 2nd, 1913). The movie will also fail to mention that: 3. Leo Frank changed the time Mary Phagan had arrived at his office to 12:10 p.m. when he testified under oath at the Coroner’s inquest May 5th, 1913 and May 8th, 1913. Finally the movie will fail to mention that: 4. Leo Frank changed the time Mary Phagan had arrived to his office at 12:12 p.m. to 12:17 p.m. when he testified to the jury from the witness stand.

5. The Knights of Mary Phagan Hollywood movie will fail to show the Atlanta Police found a forged blood-soaked shirt planted at Newt Lee’s shack in a burn barrel at the side of his residence that was meant to railroad the innocent Negro Nightwatchman that the racist Leo Frank tried to frame. The movie will fail to show that on Sunday, April 27, 1913, Leo Frank told Atlanta police that Newt Lee’s time card was punched perfectly every half hour on the evening of the murder, but on Monday April 28, 1913, Leo Frank told Atlanta police that Newt Lee missed 4 punches on his timecard slip, meaning there were 4 hours of unaccounted for time on Lee’s card (see: Defendant Exhibit A, Leo Frank trial brief of evidence, 1913).

6. The Knights of Mary Phagan Hollywood movie will transform the men who hanged Leo Frank into ravenous hot-headed, wild-eyed, booger eating hillbillies, dressed like redneck gummo toothless hayseed farmers with manure stained overalls, instead of the calm and deliberate elite men they were in real life, dressed in jackets and ties, including a former governor who was amongst the lynchers. See the lynching page for a member list of the lynch party.

7. The Knights of Mary Phagan Hollywood movie will make a mockery of legal history and falsify the testimony at the trial based on the brief of evidence to make it seem like Leo Frank was convicted without evidence. The movie will lie by omission. The trial will be a Jewish manufactured carnival of anti-Gentilism dishonoring Georgia jurisprudence and the official record.

8. The Knights of Mary Phagan Hollywood movie will transform Leo Frank from the real life sadistic and violent pedophile, into a misunderstood nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn, railroaded by racist Southerners.

9. The Knights of Mary Phagan Hollywood movie will transform the Solicitor General Hugh Dorsey, the lead prosecutor of Leo Frank, to be an unscrupulous and ambitious political climber – just as Hollywood did in the racist anti-Gentile 1988 miniseries ‘The Murder of Little Mary Phagan’.

10. The Knights of Mary Phagan Hollywood movie will portray mobs outside the courtroom swarming into a KKK carnival of racist anti-Semitic Hate frenzies with people shouting death threats and anti-Jewish hate-speech Mantras (see: The Leonard Dinnerstein and Abraham Foxman hatecrime hoax).

11. The Knights of Mary Phagan Hollywood movie will over play race cards, and promote anti-Christian, anti-Gentile, anti-White and Anti-Southern stereotypes implicitly and overtly.

More predictions to come…. In the mean time visit IMDB to learn about this vicious Hollywood hate movie coming out this Autumn 2015: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3109010/

Information Last Updated on LeoFrank.org: January 2015, Movie Release Date November 2015.
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