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Anti-Semitic trolls are targeting Ben Shapiro’s sister and it’s horrifying
Meanwhile, "anti-racist" pieces of garbage follow White Nationalist women around on the internet and talk about how they want to see their young children get raped to death by negroes, and in some cases they even send them child pornography. But these people are the good guys according to the jewish media.

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The last one looks like David Letterman in drag.
That's Helle Klein, a "Swedish" jewess who decided to infiltrate the Church of Sweden by becoming a priest and then use her position to spread subversive, destructive multicultural and "LGBT" propaganda to Christian Swedes. For example, Klein has said that all priests should be forced to perform homosexual weddings. This is what jews do to their host countries, folks.

Helle Klein was born in Enskede in southern Stockholm. She is the granddaughter of the physicist Oskar Klein and the great granddaughter of the rabbi Gottlieb Klein. Helle Klein served as political editor-in-chief of the newspaper Írebro-Kuriren from 1991 to 1995. In 1995, she started to work as an editorial writer for Aftonbladet, the largest newspaper in Sweden, where she was political editor-in-chief from 2001 to 2007. She was ordained priest in the Church of Sweden in January 2008.