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[Every encounter between jew and Aryan gives rise to a double standard favoring the jew. Unless the Aryan is led by a nationalist government.]

The Chosen Extradition Treaty Between the

Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Israel

By David Brockschmidt

On 15 March 2008 the Melbourne Age informs its readers that an extradition treaty between Australia and Israel exists, “…but Israel does not extradite its citizens”.

So, my question to our Foreign Minister: Please explain how this so-called extradition treaty works between Australia and Israel, if only one side, in this case Australia, is willing to extradite one or more of its citizens, should the State of Israel requests that? This is assuming that such an extradition request would not violate Australian and international law

But in the case where Australia would demand one or more of its citizens living in Israel to be extradited to Australia – and we can assume they are all Jewish and hold dual citizenship – then the Australian demand for extradition is denied with a simple explanation that such a request would violate the laws of the State of Israel because as a matter of principle the State of Israel does not extradite any of its citizens to any country in the world, regardless what they are wanted for, regardless what crime has been committed.

My second question to the Foreign Minister is: What type of extradition treaty is this? Is this a joke or the Monty Python version of an extradition treaty? This makes the state of Israel look like a rogue outcast country within the international community and a haven for Jewish criminals from all over the world.

Such extradition treaty arrangements of course perverts Theodor Herzel’s idea of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and the later foundation of the State of Israel, to become a refuge for persecuted Jews from all over the world. I don’t think Herzl wanted to include Jewish criminals in his ideal.

I will highlight just one example out of thousands to illustrate my point. I am referring to the alleged mass murderer Solomon Morel who murdered, partly with his own hands, in Polish Secret Service uniform after the end of WWII innocent Polish and German civilians, men, women and children. This took place in an ex-German concentration camp in Poland, which the Polish Bolsheviks took over, as detailed in John Sack’s book: An Eye for an Eye. John Sack was a Polish Jew living in the USA writing for various publications. Sack also attended Adelaide Institute’s 1998 Revisionist Symposium. His research activated the Polish prosecutor General in Warsaw to have Morel put on trial in Poland for crimes committed against the Polish people. Morel fled to Israel and the Israeli authorities informed the Polish prosecutor that 1. Israel does not extradite its citizens; 2. The accusations against Morel for murder had expired, and 3. The State of Israel refused to put Morel on trial in Israel for his alleged crimes committed in Poland.

This Solomon Morel case, and now the current one involving Malka Leifer, below, shows clearly that western society is morally and intellectually bankrupt because the laws of the State of Israel regarding extraditions of their citizens to countries where they are wanted and Israel’s refusal to hand them over clearly illustrates the Orwellian maxim: Some are more equal than others. I personally always believed that the so-called privilege of being a ‘chosen people’ is a curse, but in this case and in many other circumstances it works well for them.

Bye-bye Democracy, Talmudistan rules supreme – here come the Noahide Laws. On that, let’s be a little predictive here: If Australia demands the extradition of one of its citizens of Palestinian-Muslim descent, who also holds Israeli citizenship, would the state of Israel also refuse to extradite any of its Muslim or Christian citizens, for example Mordechai Vanunu? Or does the refusal to extradite its citizens apply only to Israelis of Jewish faith?

Alternately, will Australia oblige Israel with an extradition of so-called ‘Holocaust deniers’, if Israel makes such a request even if it violates Australian law?