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Sean Martin
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Sean Martin

Richard, everyone I know from Viet Nam went in under 19 a couple went in at 16 and 17 and they said the same thing as you are now. I think they are stronger for it today but then it was a different story.

There may be a few people out there that can remain calm in an extreme situation but I have been hunting with people who freeze up on a deer, other world-class shooters with military experience like Jerry Michlack (sp) will freeze in a competition. I cannot begin to imagine what it’s like for a teenager to be dropped off in a strange place with less than 2 months training and all of the sudden thousands of rounds and explosions are raining down on him.

With ZOG closing down all the student loans and all the scholarships going to darkies soon the military will be the only way for a white person to get a kwallege edjewcation. People rag on soldiers but they are just doing a job and some as was the case in Vietnam against their will. To be honest if I were 18 right now even being a WN I would probably be in the military because they are offering a $20,000 bonus plus competitive wages for first time startups and bonuses of $60,000 for returning soldiers with special skills. Teenagers get all jacked up on online games like Halo and such and go to war thinking there will be a reset button.

Right now for a high school graduate in a low wage area the military offers the most attractive package even if it is a bad one. What other job is going to hire a person with no skills train you, give you money for college, give you a $20,000 bonus for starting up and pay you wages while you are there. Go to McDonalds and ask for that deal then see what happens.
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