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Originally Posted by odinsgal88 View Post
Part of the prosecution's case was that Steve has a degree in languages and is fluent in several; one of those languages was hebrew. They allege he attained his degree in order to be in a better position to annoy the jews.
I can read and write Hebrew script, as well as the orthographical rules, some grammar and a tiny — although, ever expanding — vocabulary. This also reminds me of something written in the Talmud, which is part of their Jewish law. To paraphrase it:
Any גוי [gōy; ‘non-Jew’] that studies the Jews and Jewish ‘scripture’ deserves the death penalty.

I guess I have to start looking for possible countries to flee too, since according to Jewish law I — just like Stephen Whittle — deserve the death penalty, and this country isn't all too much different from the UK...